Terrorism has no religion, Islam is peace

Islam and Terrorism

What do Islam and terrorism have in common?

“Terrorists hijacked a plane!”
“Terrorists are holding hostages!”
“Terrorists have bombs!”

“I think someone came into my house, killed my family and the police are blaming me!” – Said a Muslim in Washington DC

There is no doubt that all people anywhere in the world agree on one thing: terrorists are horrible.

But what is not clear in the minds of people anywhere in the world is the fact that Muslims are NOT terrorists. Islam does not teach terrorism, bombing, kidnapping and murder. None of this is Islam, on the contrary.

Even “Jihad” (often misinterpreted as “Holy War”) is not the way newspapers and the media portray it. It was only recently, since the September 11 attack in New York and Washington, that press and broadcast communications took the time to correct their most obvious mistakes in the report.

One of the main words derived from the root of the meaning of the word “Islam” is actually “PEACE”.

How is the media so naive as to not know that there is a difference between someone who commits certain horrible acts and the religion to which the person who commits belongs? What happens in these cases when they are not Muslims.

Timothy McViegh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City a few years ago was a Roman Catholic. Did anyone accuse the church for what it did?

Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants killed themselves years ago for religious reasons, the media in this case ignored this fact.


“Salam” (peace) is the most common word in a Muslim’s language.

“Whenever two people meet, they greet each other, wishing each other peace:“ Peace be with you ”. But peace can only prevail through justice. As the concept of justice may differ from one man to another or from one society to another, Muslims believe that true justice is what is specified by God (God).

Islam allows fighting in self-defense, in defense of religion, or for those who have been forcibly expelled from their homes. At the same time, Islam demands to treat the enemy with mercy. It establishes strict combat rules that include prohibitions against damage to civilians and against the destruction of crops, trees and livestock. Islam also demands that if an enemy declares his desire to end hostilities and seek peace, Muslims must do the same.

Jihad is never meant to force anyone to choose a particular religion. On the contrary, it must protect and protect the right to choose freely. So if there is any force in the world that tries to prevent a person from practicing that right, Jihad can fight the force that is trying to prevent that right from being exercised.

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