Terror in the Supermarket (Main Curro), Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Main Curro: Supermarket Terror

Unlock Condition : Complete the Main  Job M’ap Tann Pèlen .

Notes : This job will start once the previous one has been passed.

As soon as you finish the main job of M’ap Tann Pèlen  you will have to go on to the next mission of Cyberpunk 2077 , having here to face longer objectives than the previous ones, thus beginning Terror in the supermarket , which begins by leaving the Hotel Batty by the elevator indicated and going to the point where we will meet the people of Placide  outside the Grand Imperial Mall. Be that as it may, to complete this part of the mission there will be two options:

Follow Placide’s instructions, connect to the van’s access point, and confront Sasquatch , thereby meeting up with the NetWatch agent at the theater.

Go straight to the agent.

Fight against Sasquatch

In the first case, you will have to fight against Sasquatch , a boss with which you will have to use the ranged attacks, since the melee combat against her is a suicide. To do this, there will be a series of weaknesses  that you have to take into account:

Enhancer : You will carry it on your back, in such a way that it will be your source of power and resistance. Destroy him as soon as possible to make him vulnerable.

Thermal damage : This type of damage is the one that hurts you the most. On the contrary, it resists electrical damage well.

Limited Range : While shooting, always walk backwards to keep your distance.

Quick hacks : Short circuit, overheating, paralyzing, cyberware failure, and system reboot will serve. Remember to destroy the enhancer to make them more effective.

Recovery pose : It occurs when you perform a combo, stopping for a few seconds. Destroy the buff at this point if you haven’t already.

As for their attack patterns, two in particular should be noted:

Hammers and hammer throws : In these cases, always back off. The key here is to always keep your distance and not let it get the least bit close to you.

Invasion after grab : This is a technique in which she will run towards V, invading her system, it will start a countdown in which you must defeat her, otherwise you will die.

Enter with stealth

To do this, you will have to go from cover to cover without making noise and distracting it with the folding advertising panels. When the fight begins, hide long enough and if possible do a quick Hack, specifically Restart optics . In this way, you can have more freedom. It is recommended that you have previously shot down other enemies to avoid interruptions. Either way, take two takedowns on this boss, the first to destroy his power-up. The second to end her.

Infiltration in the shopping center (Ground Floor)

The rear entrance of the shopping center is a parking lot that is guarded by several Animals. Advance using the containers and cars as cover. Pass the first two sentries, as they will drive away if you wait. Move towards the wall on the right and enter the garage to avoid more enemies. Use the boxes as steps to get to the raised platform.

In the hallway there will be a guard and a camera, the latter being a target for quick hack. At the end of the hall, crouch down so the bullies don’t spot you by the gym entrance. Turn right and jump over the bar and keep walking along the right wall until you reach the atrium, where you will have to avoid a patrolling Animal by going crouching.

Go to the van to connect to the access point. Remember that you can knock out the guard that is in this area to avoid major problems. Having said all the above, go up the stairs, although if you want, you can go by some other alternative route:

Route A : At the gym entrance you can go to the left, bend down and walk along the left wall until you reach an Animal training with weights. At this point turn right and go up the stairs to the upper floor. Once up there will be two sentries from which you can hide behind some boxes. Pass between the two when they part.

Route B and C ; Open any of the doors on the right side of the hall that leads to the gym. Depending on your level of Constitution or Technical Skill Attributes, you can open one or the other. After this, you can go up to the upper floor, thus saving infiltration.

Infiltration in the mall (Top floor)

Seeing all of the above, once on the top floor there will be different alternative routes, although they will all end up meeting in the van. The main route and from which the previous ones are derived, involves connecting to the van and climbing the nearby escalators. Go forward until you meet Sasquatch  and after defeating her you will be able to get to the cinema. Now, there are several alternative routes:

Route A, B and C : Whichever route you have chosen, turn left and go around the atrium clockwise on the top floor past the Kabayan Foods restaurant. There should only be one guard down this corridor, so eliminate or avoid him. Once in the atrium, go down the escalator on the left. In this way, you will reach the van. After this, follow the main route.

Route D : Advance to the Kabayan Foods restaurant. Enter and go through the exit at the opposite end. In this way, you will go out next to the cinema. If you hide behind the covers to avoid Sasquatch  and sneak through the cinema entrance when you get the chance.


Once all of the above is done, in the meeting with the NetWatch agent you will end up making an offer, which will have two possible options:

Accept it : There will be dire consequences for Brigitte and her neutrunners. The Sons of Voodoo will treat you with hostility.

Reject it : The agent will suffer.

Be that as it may, leave the mall after this, returning to the Hotel Batty. After the conversation, you will meet Brigitte , having to accept the deal to finish the main job (they do not give you the option to refuse). In case you refuse, it will not end until you accept it. If she leaves, you will have to call her to accept. Be that as it may, after this job, it is time to complete Between Two Lands .


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