Ten natural remedies to kill ants at home

As every year, with the arrival of good weather and rising temperatures , the presence of insects around us multiplies. Also inside the houses, where the proliferation of these animals increases considerably during these hot months. Cockroaches, termites, beetles, bed bugs and bees multiply very quickly and can colonize our living spaces. Also  ants , one of the most present insects in Spanish houses when the good weather arrives.

Although the National Association of Pest Control Companies (ANECPLA) warns that the isolated presence of these animals should not be considered a pest, it does warn about their enormous reproductive capacity.

Unlike other insects that can pose a health risk, since they can transmit diseases such as salmonellosis, diarrhea, fevers or leptospirosis, in principle ants do not pose any danger. On the other hand, they can be extremely annoying. Ants invade homes to search for food, so it is “very important” that pantries and kitchens are kept extremely clean and that food debris such as breadcrumbs such as bread crumbs not accumulate under furniture or on countertops .

Food scraps are a focus for the proliferation of ants in our homes. Photo: GettyImages

Furthermore, it is essential that food is stored in airtight containers whenever possible to avoid contamination. In addition, it is essential to maintain optimal hygienic conditions at all times .

In addition, we offer you ten natural and inexpensive remedies that can help you eliminate the annoying ants in your house.

Lemon juice. These insects are not friendly to this fruit, since it disturbs their sense of orientation. Spray it on the areas where you see ants.

Vinegar (mixed with water in equal parts). Another liquid that ants hate. Its strong smell will help you repel them. In addition, the vinegar removes the odor traces that these insects use to move, making it very effective. Spread it around the corners and areas where you see ants, paying special attention to the countertops, sink and windows.

Talcum powder or chalk. An ingredient in chalk and baby powders is talc, which is a natural ant repellent.

Baking soda and sugar. It is a harmful mixture for the body of the ants, so they will flee from it.

Coffee grains. The smell they give off acts as a repellent for ants. Place them in strategic spots, like the garden and around the outside of your house.

Coffee beans work as an excellent repellent for ants. Photo: GettyImages

Cornmeal. This product, in addition to interrupting the scent traces of the ants, causes the death of the insects that ingest it, since they are unable to digest it.

Cucumber and citrus peels. The ants avoid them, since when they decompose they become toxic to them.

Mint. The mint leaf or tea bags are used to scare off ants. Put them around windows and doors and in crevices where these insects enter.

Herbs and spices. They give off a strong odor that repels ants. Put them in cabinets and drawers. Also, cinnamon, black pepper, or garlic do the same thing, so try sprinkling those spices in areas where you’ve seen ants.

Borax. Mix it with water and sugar and spread the paste that is created in the corners where you see ants.


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