Ten keys that will help you to act in uncertain situation

Not knowing what is going to happen in a situation, uncertainty, is one of the worst feelings of the human being. The reason is that the “brain is not prepared for lack of control and is paralyzed by the new, unexpected and unforeseen,” says Silvia Escribano, expert in neurocoaching and social director at Isavia Consultores .

The day to day supposes us to assume the uncertainty, since it is part of the life. But the reality is that, more often than desired, obstacles appear in the midst of our goals. “The first thing that everyone should take into account is that you cannot control everything and when an unexpected situation occurs, it is essential to stop for a while to reflect and ask ourselves why a certain situation has occurred and react coherently to find the best way out. In most cases – Silvia Escribano adds – we live very fast and we are not able to identify the signals that our body or environment sends us that something can or is about to happen. Reflection is one of the key words ».

For the people most affected by uncertain situations, this expert in neurocoaching recommends following the following guidelines:

“Listen to your fears.” Don’t judge them or judge yourself for having them. Fear will help you find the necessary resources to successfully face an uncertain situation. Face your fears and be grateful for the opportunity they give you to continue growing.

“Live life, don’t think about it so much.” Life gets out of hand as we strive to plan every moment. Make uncertainty an ally. It is a formidable gift that offers us new opportunities to exist, to be what we want to be. The uncertain gives us new ways, challenges, opportunities and learning.

“Say goodbye to the past.” Embrace the present and the shift to the unknown. Listen to the new challenges with enthusiasm and design your future. Allow yourself not to know what is going to happen and cause what you want to happen. Build a new stage where illusion eclipses fear.

—Accept that it is not possible to have everything controlled. The only way to live with uncertainty is to accept it. Accepting implies lowering our expectations and not swimming against the current. If obstacles appear on the way to the goal it may be necessary to review the goal or change course.

—It is not the same to accept that to resign. Resignation makes us puppets of events. Acceptance invites us to be protagonists. Resignation plunges us into sadness. Acceptance helps us in active waiting.

“Trust yourself.” Ask yourself questions. Say hello to the new situation and listen calmly for the best answer. Silence the mind and open space for intuition. Trust the new observer who watches from the serenity and do not rush into the action.

—Change your questions: forget why me? Why are things this way? Open yourself to a new space of possibilities. Ask yourself questions like, What invites me to look at this new situation? What opportunities does it offer me? What can i learn Pay attention to your questions. Remember that it is not the answer that illuminates you, but the question.

“Take care of your life habits.” Do not overeat but watch your diet. Exercise regularly. Avoid chronic stress. Do not smoke. Sleep well. Connect with people who make you feel good. Enjoy the little things. Avoid emotional blackout. Be grateful.

—Discover what life has for you and live each moment as an apprentice. Reflect. Value what life offers you and not what it does not have for you. Stop complaining about what you don’t have and value what you are.

“Learn to smile at life.” The more you smile at life, the more smiles it will return.

Ultimately, trust yourself. Live the moment fully. Find at every moment an opportunity to reinvent yourself and live freely. It flows with life.


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