The ten keys to live longer, better and happier

Each person is also responsible for their own health, and they must seek and use the necessary means to prevent disease by going to the appropriate sources. To help them out, the Spanish Society for Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) has released the Decalogue on self-care with advice that, if followed daily, will help many lead a better life.

They are ten points to live more, better and happier. This self-care encompasses a range of individual activities through which health is improved, diseases are prevented, and symptoms can be assessed. The decalogue includes recommendations on diet, alcohol consumption, physical activity, responsible driving, rational use of the medicine and a positive attitude towards life. These are the ten points:

  1. The foodshould be: Enough, to maintain or achieve a healthy weight. Varied, eat a little of many foods to avoid lack of nutrients. Balanced, eat food from all groups every day. Safe, not taking risks and choosing foods of safe origin, with attention to the correct and complete packaging. Appetizing, cooking well is an art and you have to take care of it. There is no doubt: choose the Mediterranean diet.
  2. Alcoholconsumption should be: The less the better. Nothing in pregnant women, children or if you are going to drive.
  3. Perform physical activity:Exercise, appropriate to the age and physical condition of each, on a regular basis. Any activity counts, such as climbing the ladder, etc. We recommend 1 hour a day at least 5 days a week.
  4. Avoid smoking and other drugs: Quit tobacco. Tobacco use is the most important preventable cause of illness and death in our country. Avoid spaces contaminated by tobacco smoke, since passive smoking causes various diseases. No drug is healthy.
  5. Make a rational consumption of medications:Always under the supervision of a qualified health worker and always accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Caring for sexual health:In this field there is no need to take unnecessary risks. If you have had any risky behavior, you should do a study. If you have a sexually transmitted disease, avoid spreading it to other people. Enjoy healthy sex.
  7. Do not abuse sunbathing:Half an hour a day is enough to cover our physiological needs. Solar radiation accumulates throughout life, you have to protect yourself properly.
  8. Drive in a responsible way:Absolute abstention from alcohol if you are going to drive. Wear a seat belt in cars, a helmet on motorcycles and bicycles, and child seats. Do not use the mobile phone when driving.
  9. Have a positive attitude towards life:Take things easy and avoid stress. Get enough rest. Search for a meaning to life, a passion, a purpose, an illusion that drives us to get up every day.
  10. Participate in the community:Connect with other people, practicing positive self-esteem. Belong to your community. A good social and participative integration, trying to have cordial social relationships, will help us in our mental health. Laughing,laughter has healing power.

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