Ten keys to feel better about yourself

Feeling good about yourself is essential to enjoy life. According to Alejandro Córdoba, consultant of the Mecenium platform and trainer of the course “Guide to feel good about yourself”, “your confidence, your security and your self-esteem can grow if you learn to value what is truly important, to develop yourself as a person and to know yourself to to be able to advance ». These are your keys to be happier:

1.- Nobody chooses his circumstances, but he can contribute to shape the world in which he lives. William Shakespeare said: “Fate is the one that shuffles the cards, but we are the ones who play.”

2.- We all have a genetic component that conditions us, but don’t forget that personality is made up of learned behaviors that can be acted upon.

3.- Choose to be optimistic. For the optimist there are more solutions than problems, the pessimist finds a problem for each solution.

4.- If you have a positive attitude, you will act effectively in solving problems and you will not waste time regretting and blocking you.

5.- Accept the conditions of your life and assume them without rancor. You can choose to be happy with what you have or are or live bitter with what you lack or can have.

6.- You have to trust something, look for and give meaning to your life. Steve Jobs said that “sometimes life hits us very hard.” He was clear that the only thing that allowed him to get ahead was that he loved what he did.

7.- To prevent discouragement, you have to get involved in what you do. As Gandhi said: Be the change that you want to see in the world.

8.- Maintain a good physical and mental balance: eat healthy, hydrate yourself, share time with your dearest people, think more about what you have than what you lack, commit to what is really worthwhile, learn to say no, and enjoy the sunlight.

9.- We have to try that our self-esteem does not depend solely on what others think about us. To improve your self-esteem, smile, dress to feel attractive, throw flowers, recognize your strengths and remember the achievements you have achieved.


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