How to tell the story of your business?

In a very interesting Forbes note, Mike Kappel tells us what are the best tips to tell the story of how a business arises, since this is a way of generating a bond of trust between a business and the customer (even the employees themselves ). The main idea is to understand why a company does what it does in the following way: 

  1. Set parameters : Be clear and make the story engaging. Define from what point of view it is going to be told, what challenges have been faced, who has participated in history and what is being tried to achieve. 
  2. Be Authentic : Always looking for the story to tell the truth and not an untrustworthy version of the facts, people connect better with a story when one is honest. Recognize the human aspect of your business. 
  3. Be clear about the outcome: It is important to be able to close with a clear message that communicates your value proposition and leads to reflection.
  4. Be consistent:  Make sure the same message is being understood through all your communication channels, understand your own story well. 
  5. Engage the customer : Find ways to make customers part of the story to create a better emotional connection.

What is the best way to present this valuable information? 

Once all this valuable information has been collected, it is vitally important that you are prepared to communicate it appropriately. Therefore, we invite you to participate in our storytelling workshop to understand what are the techniques required to achieve the management of executive presentations, considering a structured order and achieving objectives.

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