Here we tell you how to plant potatoes Take note!

The process of planting potatoes will be extremely simple if you take into account the advice I propose below. Sowing potatoes will give you excellent results, since each plant produces a large amount of tubers and they are easy to grow. Potatoes come from South America, where they have been grown for many centuries and their tubers are rich in starch. Potatoes or potatoes are the fourth most widely used crop as food in the world. In this article I explain how to sow potatoes . Take note!

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It is important that you keep in mind that the potato is not a fruit like tomato, nor is it a seed, but a tuber, that is, the part of a stem or an underground root that develops and widens to accumulate substances of reserve in your cells.

When to sow potatoes?

Before going to date to sow potatoes , it is important that you have organic potatoes, a universal substrate and a potato planter or a pot of approximately 40 liters. Now, if you wonder when to sow potatoes , I tell you that the best time to do it is from February to the end of March, in Mediterranean areas, since in Cantabrian areas it is best to wait a couple more weeks.

How to sow potatoes step by step

  1. Put the potato tubers in an airy place with good light from February to mid-March. In this way, they will germinate. It is important that you consider using organic potatoes, since these do not include any type of compounds that retard germination.
  2. On the other hand, at three weeks, choose the three tubers that have the largest shoots and arrange the pot to sow potatoes.
  3. Place the bag in a sunny place and add the substrate and tubers. Place a layer of approximately 30 cm of substrate or compost and place the germinated tubers above, leaving a considerable distance between them. Place them with the shoots facing up.
  4. Finish covering the potatoes with a layer of substrate or compost and water until wet. It is essential to cover them and not fill the entire substrate pot.
  5. As the plant continues to grow, continue adding more layers of substrate or compost, approximately 10 cm. In this way, you will make the plant grow vertically and generate many more roots and, therefore, many more potatoes.
  6. When it’s time to harvest potatoes, dump the contents of the bag to pick them up. The potatoes will be ready to be harvested when the plant comes into bloom and the leaves begin to wilt. Approximately four months will pass from sowing to harvest.

Potato Flower

It is not necessary that you harvest all the potatoes together, since the green ones do not serve to eat, then you will have to harvest the ones that are ready and leave the others for the following days.

Tips for planting potatoes

Water whenever necessary to keep the soil moist, but avoid waterlogging. If possible, plant potatoes in textile pots, since they drain excess water perfectly. In addition, a flooded soil can bring fungus problems and various diseases.

To plant potatoes in cold climates , you will have to wait until the frost has disappeared, since a mild frost will not kill the plants, but it will harm them. Remember that during the crop different pests may appear that you will have to deal with fungicides , insecticides , etc.

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