Teamfight Tactics guide: tips, tricks and secrets

Discover the best tips and tricks to win the games in Teamfight Tactics and learn everything about the characters, the objects, the classes and the builds/

Welcome to our Teamfight Tactics guide where you will learn the best tips and tricks to win games and defeat all your Master Tactics opponents. You will know all the combinations of weapons, the builds of characters and the strategies against the enemies.

After the Dota Autochess fever, the creators of League of Legends , Riot Games, are sweeping the trend game: Teamfight Tactics (or Master Tactics, by its name in Spanish) . Mastering this automatic chess with fantasy characters is not easy, since dozens of statistics, variables and possibilities come into play , in addition to the strategic capacity of each one. But that’s what this guide is for: to help you become a TFT teacher.


  1. How to download and install the game
  2. Champions
  3. Objects and combinations
  4. Team builds
  5. Mini legends
  6. Rounds and enemies
  7. Frequently asked questions

Note: This is a game that changes progressively after updates and patches by Riot Games. There are aspects of the title that can be modified little by little, so we urge you to stop by frequently, we will try to keep the information as up-to-date as possible. For the most part this guide is updated to the current Set 5 Final Judgment .


How to download and install the game

First of all, of course, you have to know how to get hold of the game , of course. For that we have an entry expressly dedicated to it. Don’t worry, it’s free .

  • How to download and install for free on PC .
  • How to download for free on mobiles (and requirements) .


Now that you have installed the game, we have to talk to you about the Champions , the characters that we will have to place on the battlefield to win the games. They are one of the main axes of the game, and you will recognize them if you come from League of Legends. To choose well those that we will use in each round, we have to take into account:

  • Their classes and synergies :each Champion class has special characteristics, and knowing how their synergies work will allow you to get bonuses that make combat easier.
  • Its origin :you should not confuse origins with classes. There are also synergy bonuses for having multiple Champions of the same origin.
  • Which are the best Champions :by “best” we want to look for the best result in the value for money. Be careful, keep in mind that this is not something definitive, they are simply the ones recognized as most effective at the best price in the meta of the game.
  • Odds :the champion that will appear when you buy is random, but the probability that they are of one rank or another takes your level into account. It is a complicated system and we want to explain it to you calmly, so that you do not despair if you do not get what you are looking for.

Objects and combinations

Another of the game mechanics is the combination of objects to create new ones. In the game we do not have an ingame list that tells us what will come out when combining them with each other, so we have created this post to tell you about the possible combinations and their results.

Keep in mind that there are only 9 main objects to combine , at least for the moment.

  • Combinations with Greatsword .
  • Combinations with curved arch .
  • Combinations with unnecessarily large rod .
  • Combinations with Tear of the Goddess .
  • Combinations with Chainmail .
  • Combinations with Negatron Cloak .
  • Giant’s Belt Combinations .
  • Combinations with Combat Gloves .
  • Combinations with Spatula .

Team builds

It is important to be clear about creating a team build that will work effectively. It is not enough to say: “Hey, look how cool my champions are”, no, you have to know these concepts like the back of your hand to win victory:

  • Use multi-level characters :having only high-level Champions will not always be the easiest solution to conflict.
  • Something too rare is not good :we are looking for synergies between the classes and elements of our Champions. Remember that the game has a fairly important random component and, in case of focusing on something very rare, the possibility of getting bonuses is reduced.
  • Avoid teams with too many high tiers :this is similar to what we mentioned at the beginning of the levels, but applying to advanced game mechanics.
  • Do not underestimate the objects :there are a total of 9, each with its own characteristics, which provide bonuses and can be combined to achieve special effects.

Mini legends

In addition to the champions, we have some small pets that are called mini-legends . However, they are actually avatars that move around the stage to collect gold , for example, but neither fight nor have a direct impact on combat.

  • Get mini-legends :the first thing you should know is how to get hold of the mini-legends to have more variety available.
  • How to Evolve Mini Legends :We also want to tell you how to make Mini Legends change their appearance.

Rounds and enemies

You will have to face a lot of enemies in your games, but there is a pattern that, if we consider, will make things much easier. And that’s what this section of the guide is about:

  • Rounds and enemies :we show you the number of rounds and the enemies that will be in each of them.
  • How to Easily Defeat Wolves, Golems, and Dragons –These enemies are tricky and we want to give you some additional tips.

Frequent questions

And, of course, to finish our guide we leave you with a small section where you can answer the most common questions you may have as players of the Riot Games title.

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