Tawaf Terms And Conditions Of Tawaf (Complete Discussion)

Terms of Tawaf and Kinds of Tawaf (Complete Discussion)  – In carrying out the pilgrimage, performing tawaf is included in the pillars of the pilgrimage. Tawaf that goes into the pillars of pilgrimage is tawaf ifadah. Traveling around the Kaaba or so-called tawaf has conditions that must be met so that the tawaf that is done is valid. In the previous discussion, it was explained about theconditions of hajj, harmony and obligatory hajj. On this occasion, aboutKnowledge Knowledge will discuss the conditions of tawaf and the types of tawaf.

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Tawaf Terms And Conditions Of Tawaf (Complete Discussion)

Let’s discuss the terms of the tawaf carefully.

Tawaf Terms

The requirements that must be met when performing tawaf are as follows:

Closing the
Prophet’s body. say:

It means: ” You shall not laugh (around the altar) naked .” (HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

Pure from hadas and unclean
All bodies, clothing and places must be pure from hadas and unclean. It was narrated from Ayesha ra. that:

Meaning: From Aisha “The first thing that the Prophet (SAW) did when he arrived in Mecca was to take ablution water and then tawaf in the House .” (HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

The altar should be to the left of the person performing the tawaf
If viewed from above, the turn is counter-clockwise. Jabir, may Allah be pleased with him,

“It was Prophet Muhammad. when he came to Mecca he approached Hajar Aswad, then greeted him with his hands, then walked to his right, and ran a little three times round and walked normally four times . ” (HR. Muslim and Nasai)

After Rasulullah swept Hajar Aswad, he walked to his right. By itself, the altar was on his left.


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Tawaf should start from hajar aswad
As explained in the hadith above, that the Prophet Muhammad. start tawaf at Hajar Aswad.

Went around seven times. The
Hadith has been explained above, that the Apostle jogged three times and walked normally four times.

Being in the mosque illegal
Tawaf should be done in the mosque because the Prophet did tawaf in the mosque.

Various Tawaf

As for the different types of laughter:

  • Tawaf qudum , that is, tawaf when it first arrives in Mecca) is a mosque prayer.
  • Tawaf ifadah , namely tawaf that is undertaken to carry out the pillars of the pilgrimage
  • Tawaf wada ‘ , the tawaf performed when leaving Mecca
  • Tawaf tahallul , that is, the illegal commodity of ihram
  • Tawaf vows , that is, dedicated tawaf
  • Sunnah Tawaf , namely tawaf that is done at any time without being followed by sa’i.

Readings during the day:

The Messenger of Allah said:

Meaning: “ From Abu Hurairah he heard the Prophet. He said, “He who goes around the Ka’bah seven times and does not say from beyond reading,” The person who reads the sentence is removed from it by ten crimes, written by ten good and ten degrees elevated . ” (HR. Ibn Majah)


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