Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition cheats for PC, PS4 and XBOne

After the success on Xbox 360 and PS3, the developers did not hesitate to develop a definitive remaster with improved graphics and a multitude of new content for an unforgettable JRPG. The visual section is one of the best seen to date, moving you to what appears to be an anime film, although this time you will be the protagonist of it.


  1. How to anticipate attacks to avoid them in time
  2. How to beat the final bosses
  3. How to get one of the best recipes in the game

Completing the story takes about fifty hours, while beating the game 100% requires spending approximately three times as much time. Whatever your goal, you have the additional help of all these tricks .

How to anticipate attacks to avoid them in time

One of the main recommendations to play Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is to activate manual combat, since this way you will be able to dodge enemy attacks . However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Fortunately there is a trick that simplifies this action for you.

Make a combo that includes a final art of the character in question. Generally you usually have to press four buttons for it to be effective. The attacking creature will most likely choose to wait for your moves to finish, going on the offensive right after it’s done .

You must take this into account in order to prepare for a manual dodge. When the final art takes its toll on the adversary he will launch an attack on you. Be very vigilant so that this potentially devastating move does not inflict any reduction in your health bar .

How to beat the final bosses

Thanks to the strategy described in the previous paragraphs you will have more facilities to kill some final bosses, although you will need something additional if you want to do it in record time. The best possible trick is to keep saving the boost recipes from the moment you start making them.

Gamers have a tendency to abuse them to make matches easier, which is a serious mistake. They should not be used until you get to the last matches of the game .

This is when you really need them , as they will provide you with extra features that you can take advantage of: attacks that deal more damage, optimal defense against all kinds of enemy offensives, and so on.

How to get one of the best recipes in the game

Throughout the game there will be numerous enemies that launch devastating magic attacks at you. If you cannot avoid them, your health will be seriously reduced, so you should have at your disposal what is currently known as one of the best recipes in Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition .

It is vichyssoise, which when applied to a character increases his magic defense by a percentage of eighty points . To get it, go to the top left of the map. Indeed, you must go to the island known under the name of Nam Cobanda.

Right in the central area you will find a small town. At one of the counters present there is Chef Maravilla . Talk to him about selling you the vichyssoise recipe.

Please note that not all characters can benefit from the effects of this recipe. Just like Repede, Yuri’s dog , does get the advantages of magical defense, other protagonists of the story like Karol herself detest this classic French dish.

We have previously mentioned that vichyssoise is one of the best recipes. But which is the most beneficial of all? It is something quite subjective, although continuing with the importance of magical defense, we must speak of a dish that increases it by a total of one hundred percent .

We mean the miso and pork soup . To unlock it, you must entrust Estelle to make the recipe that originated in France. In this way, in a few seconds, you will have not only a vichyssoise, but also another more complex soup as well as beneficial.

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