How to take care of Erica Palm

One of NASA’s research is Erica Palm, an air purifier domestic plant that easily maintains the interior of a home. A fully grown Erica Palm is a very expensive tree, so it should be taken care of by buying it at low cost only when planting. They grow on an average of 1 to 5 inches per year. The height of an adult Erica Palm is 5-7 feet. It is able to easily survive inside your home for up to 3 years. Erica Palm will easily stay in your home if the right amount of light is guaranteed. They can grow very well in areas where there is no bright but direct sunlight. In direct sunlight its leaves turn yellowish green.

How to take care

Taking care of Erica Palm trees is not a difficult thing at all. However, they cannot tolerate the negligence at all.


Provide easy water in such a way that the soil is always wet. In hot and spring, the soil should be lightly wet and the soil should be kept dry during irrigation twice. Erica is best at the southwest window opposite the sunlight.


The tubes should be given at NPK (8-2-12) every 6 months. Besides, 1 gram of boron, magnesium, iron should be mixed. It is easy to say 2 teaspoons of manure for a pot.


There are benefits to spraying micronutrients in the summer. Can use micronutrient rich liquidized fertilizers. Must be at the right level and safe. There is no need to apply micronutrients in winter and rain.


After 2-4 years, the pots or tubs of Erica palm tree should be replaced. Erica Palm naturally prefers tight containers or pots, while her nesting roots also control the shape of the tree. The main purpose of transferring plants to new containers is to change soil and fertilizer. Fill the pot with potting oil and some clean sand. The plant should be planted at the same depth as the old pot. Planting more deeply can damage the root. The root is of a fragile nature, so it is not advisable to try to disperse the seeds during planting. After filling with the soil around the root, carefully pressed so that the plant sits properly. After this, irrigation water should be irrigated so that even if an airtight emerges, it should be filled up.

Erica Palm

Why plant this tree?

It will protect you from asthma and allergies , removing various toxins and pollutants from the inside of the room, purifying the air .

It can be sustained at room temperature 8-20 degrees Celsius.

How to take care of the tree?

The plants inside the house should be wiped with soapy water every 5 days. It will protect the tree from attack of millebagh , spider mite and it will also be nice to look at the tree.

General inquiries

  • Why do the leaves of the tree turn yellow?

Yellow for two reasons. Too much sunlight or irrigation facilities are not good. So plant or put a hole in the bottom to make a hole. Then the stone should be laid in the container and the soil on it.


Do you think Erica Palm is too difficult to care for?


Buy Erica Palm seedlings from any local nursery and let your house grow right now. And you know the benefits. This will not only ensure the purity of the air in your room, it will increase the beauty of your room even more.


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