How to take care of yourself after becoming a mother?

The baby’s first weeks of life demand a lot from the family, especially from the mother. There are many sleepless nights, bodily, hormonal and emotional changes. Life turns inside out. In this initial chaos, the tendency is to wear more comfortable clothes: pajamas, bathrobe or dresses. Hair tends to spend days being “washed” with dry shampoo or stuck with a bun. This is when you don’t decide to cut it short to make it easier to take care of yourself. This is not a rule, however, a large number of women find themselves in this context during the puerperium.

The changes experienced by the mother after having the baby are many, and finding the right way to take care of yourself is essential

The change experienced affects the entire being of women, including their image and identity. It takes a while to recognize yourself again. When looking in the mirror, the question remains: “Who am I really?”. Some marks of pregnancy are visible and reveal that the identity has been transformed. It is a true metamorphosis!

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It is important to live this phase well, as it will reveal how strong a woman is. So, after the intense weeks, keep in mind that taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your  children , husband, and home.

How to take care of yourself after the new pace of life that is so demanding of the mother? It is essential to understand with reason and soul what Santa Teresinha teaches us: “The heart is mine, but the face is of those whom I love”.

As the months go by, the newborn’s demand becomes more adjustable and less demanding. So, together, we will stop and reflect on three ways on how to take care of ourselves.


Wake up a few minutes before family to get ready and pray. From the simple fact of fixing your hair, applying lipstick, facial and body cream, putting on clothes other than pajamas will make a difference in your day. Take advantage of this time and say your personal prayers and start your day well.


Choose a day of the week to do your nails and give your hair a neat look. The exterior reflects the interior, even if you do not feel well or do not feel like dressing up, do it out of decision and love for your family. The beautiful attracts, and a well-cared-for woman exudes the beauty of God Himself.

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Remember that the woman is the soul of the home. She is an anchor that helps the family during the storms of life. But that strength is not hers, but God’s.

Be a good woman! The virtue of kindness makes a woman more beautiful, it is a consequence. Monsignor Landriot, Archbishop of Remis, wrote to women: “Do constantly good and never evil! Do good, especially to your husband, because you identify with him; do good in all circumstances, and by all kinds of means, through words, actions, advice and even silence ! Always do good and never do evil ”.

Our Lady is the model of beauty and care. Ask Her to help you in this process of taking care of yourself to better serve yours and society. It will help you to know your new identity.


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