How to take care of your beauty before Christmas

Preparing for Christmas is a hot time for any housewife. It is very difficult to ensure a beautiful appearance on the day of preparation for Christmas Eve dinner. It’s worth trying to do it a few days earlier. You will see the effect of simple treatments extremely quickly and gain extra time to prepare the party.

Every woman wants to show her the best from Christmas. It’s not just about preparing tasty meals and arranging the holiday table, but also your own appearance, including makeup , hairstyle, beautiful figure and manicure . To save a few hours at Christmas time for kitchen work and organizing a Christmas party, try to take care of your beauty a few days earlier.

Manicure before Christmas

You can do a perfect manicure a few days before Christmas. Regardless of whether you take care of your nails yourself or use the services of a nail stylist, a perfect and properly hardened manicure can be done even a week before Christmas. When preparing meals, cleaning and washing, it is worth putting on rubber gloves that will protect the nails from chipping varnish, drying the skin of the hands or simply destroying an intricate manicure. Olive oil will have a beneficial effect on dry hand skin. To a bowl with warm water just add a few drops of olive oil or baby olives and soak your hands for several minutes. After an olive bath, the skin of the hands will be soft and shiny.

  • When performing a manicure before Christmas, it is worth using a curing varnish, which will work both as a primer under the varnish, as well as a top coat and a rinse aid. By using a special curing varnish, you can be sure that the manicure will survive throughout the holiday in perfect condition. A curing varnish with a glossy effect or in the form of a special conditioner can be bought for around PLN 15.


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Face care before Christmas

The basis of the beautiful appearance is a radiant complexion and a rested face. Rest and adequate sleep have a beneficial effect on the face and skin, regardless of the occasion. Therefore, if you are not in the habit of getting a good night’s sleep, try to get a good night’s sleep for a few days before Christmas. In winter, remember to moisturize your face properly. Lubricating the face with greasy cream (in the case of dry skin ) or a light gel consistency (for oily skin ) at least twice a day will bring relief to pinched and chapped skin. Nourishing moisturizing and regenerating masks are an express method for facial skin care before an important event.

Experimenting with new cosmetics before Christmas is very risky. You should put off using new creams, masks, peels for the period after Christmas. Insecure and untested cosmetics can cause allergic reactions, burns and skin irritations. Caring for your face before Christmas is best to use your favorite, reliable cosmetics.

Swollen eyelids

Several proven methods can be used for swollen eyelids and bags under the eyes . One of them is cooled, gel glasses, which are worn to reduce swelling. You can also make compresses from popular products that are found in every home, among others an eye wrap made of chilled slices of green cucumber or potato, chamomile tea wraps or an extremely simple and effective ice cube wrap placed in a cotton cloth.

It will be useful to you

Some care treatments should be done more in advance. This is especially important for treatments that need to be repeated several times or those that may need to be corrected.

  • If you plan to dye your hair at home, do it now. Do not leave this activity at the last minute, because there will be no time for a rescue operation if the color comes out the way you wanted. In addition, there may be marks on the forehead or ears after dyeing.
  • Two days before Christmas Eve, apply a self-tanneron your skin . If the effect does not live up to your expectations, you will have time for corrections, e.g. lightening spots with lemon or removing them with a scrub .
  • If you plan a visit to the solarium, plan your tanning for the next few days. It is better to sunbathe longer for a beautiful, natural effect than to suffer from burned skin. Remember that tanning effects can often be seen only the next day.

Facial hair removal

Get rid of the mustache , unwanted hairs on the chin and eyebrows should take place a few days before Christmas. Pulling hair from the face with tweezers or wax is combined with irritation, redness and even inflammation of the hair follicle . To avoid complications after facial hair removal, properly disinfect the skin and apply an olive that will soothe irritation. Redness on the skin may persist for several days after the procedure.

Removing imperfections

Irritations are also combined with the removal of facial skin imperfections and squeezing of blackheads or pimples . All such treatments should be performed a few days in advance and the disinfection of the resulting wounds should be properly disinfected.

Blemishes and spots can be spot coated with zinc ointment at night. By morning, the pimples will heal and dry nicely. Ointment should not be applied to open and oozing wounds.

If a pimple appears on the day of the Christmas party, then for your own good, it is better to cover it with an equalizer . Squeezing pimples will leave a visible trail and swelling that is difficult to cover with aesthetic makeup. To reduce swelling after squeezing out imperfections and alleviate irritation, apply an algae mask for about 20 minutes. Then remove the mask completely and wash your face with lukewarm water.

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Beautiful body and silhouette

Every woman wants to look attractive in the creation she has prepared for this occasion. A few days before Christmas, it is worth switching to an easily digestible diet, thanks to which you will avoid a bloated stomach. Ladies who have a problem with pronounced curves can invest in slimming underwear.

Body care

To feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, a few days before Christmas, it is worth doing a whole body scrub that firms the skin and causes the hair to rise and be much easier to remove. Treat yourself to a hot bath before epilation, which will further expand the pores and facilitate epilation . Pour a few drops of essential oil, e.g. orange fragrance, into hot water. In addition to the necessary cosmetic procedures, you can treat yourself to a little pleasure or simply combine business with pleasure. Finally, apply a deeply moisturizing balm . Such care should be enough for a few very intense, festive days.

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