Symptoms of low self-esteem? Find out with 3 questions

Self-esteem is the way we see ourselves. It reflects on the situations we live in and how we make our decisions, but many people suffer from symptoms of low  self-esteem . Low self-esteem is a current problem that affects many people in a negative way in practically all areas of life. This problem has an impact on the relationship of two, social relationships and even physical health.

In this post you will find:

1.  How to identify symptoms of low self-esteem

2.  Characteristics of those who suffer from this problem

3.  Practical tips to boost your self-esteem

Do I suffer from low self-esteem?

Answer the following questions: do you make decisions that are good for you? Are you happy with the person you are? Is your view about what’s around you positive? If most of your answers were “no” your self-love is impaired.

Women, in particular, suffer from the high incidence of this problem. The pressure of day-to-day life and the demands imposed on themselves often undermine the woman’s view of herself. She stops feeling pretty, sexy and loses confidence in herself.

Urogenital physiotherapist Cátia Damasceno speaks on her blog Women Well Resolved on issues of the female universe, mainly in the area of ​​self-esteem and relationships. Cátia argues that people should not let themselves be labeled:

“It is not because people say something about you that it is true. Your truth has to be something you believe in, and always believe in something positive. After all, we all have virtues ”.

In this video the physiotherapist talks about self-esteem and gives some tips on the subject:

Low self-esteem symptoms

  • Little or no self-confidence
  • Guilt
  • Tendency to destructive relationships
  • Excessive criticism, frustration and dissatisfaction
  • Feeling of inferiority
  • Emotional vulnerability
  • Need for self-assertion
  • Need to please
  • Perfectionism

How to raise self-esteem?

Self-esteem is built throughout childhood and adolescence, but it is possible to recover it at any age.

Many people wonder how to achieve self-esteem. Some positions to be taken at the beginning are: to seek self-knowledge, to identify one’s own qualities, to maintain internal dialogue and to seek healthy relationships.

For women it can be a little more difficult to regain self-confidence. A woman needs to work on self-love, to feel beautiful and sexy. For this, a few simple tips can help: exercise, change your look and take care of your health.

Here are 5 practical tips to increase self-confidence:

  • If your low self-esteem is related to past events, get rid of this feeling and stop dragging the problem;
  • Make a life plan and set achievable goals;
  • Stop behaving like a victim;
  • Think about your strengths, your qualities and the achievements you have already achieved;
  • Celebrate your victories;

One practice that many women have sought today to feel better is  pompoirism . Also known as intimate gymnastics, the ancient practice is turning into a fever, since the results are visible in the first month.

The  Pompoir  has helped recover the self-esteem of many women because it works two main areas: the intimate health and the sexual part. Among the many benefits of pompoarism are: reduction of menstrual cramps, decreased effects of menopause, attenuation of vaginal flaccidity, increased lubrication and libido for women, more intense orgasms. In addition, the couple’s pleasure increases together, since the woman is able to make internal movements that stimulate the partner.

Starting to practice the tips in this  post  can help transform the way you see yourself. The important thing is to look for practices that renew you and that make you leave your fears and limits behind and start living a new and positive life.

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