Do supplements really work? Know your myths and truths

Indicated to increase the level of vitamins , minerals and other nutrients in the body, food supplements can bring several health benefits – as long as they are consumed in the right way. To learn more about the subject, we spoke with nutritionist Roni Cardoso, who spoke about the myths and truths of supplements. Take a look!

Food supplements should be consumed only with the recommendation of a nutritionist or doctor – TRUTH

Many people are in the habit of taking protein or vitamin supplements on their own. But did you know that this can be problematic? According to nutritionist Roni Cardoso, it is essential to have the recommendation of a health professional to not make mistakes in consumption. “Food supplements basically exist for two purposes: assist in the diet and contribute to your sports performance . Both types of supplements must be calculated according to your individuality, diet, objective and current strategy. It is worth mentioning that only the nutritionist will know how to use each supplement at the right time, always thinking about possible side effects “, recommends the professional.

Food supplements are only indicated for athletes – MITO

Anyone who thinks that supplements serve only to complement the diet of athletes is mistaken – after all, in many cases, the addition of vitamins, minerals and proteins in the diet helps to strengthen the health of any individual. “Food supplements can be used by the entire population, both those that will assist in the diet and those aimed at performance. Studies show that supplemented creatine, for example, can be beneficial for the elderly : it guarantees a significant improvement in the symptoms of sarcopenia ( natural process of loss of muscle mass) and in fractures caused by falls “, affirms Roni Cardoso.

Those who have a well-balanced diet tend not to need supplements – TRUTH

If you have healthy and balanced eating habits, there is no reason to worry! According to nutritionist Roni Cardoso, the ideal is to seek a complete diet, consuming all nutrients through the food consumed on a daily basis. “Food supplements in general exist to supplement something that, for some reason, you cannot do in the diet. Whey protein (milk protein), for example, is a supplement indicated to increase your daily protein intake . But, if you manage to beat that amount of protein with your food, you will not need to consume the supplement. It is very welcome when the person does not have much time or does not like certain foods “, he explains.

Supplements are great for increasing muscle mass – TRUTH

Many athletes and sportsmen have a habit of consuming whey protein (among other supplements) to stimulate muscle growth – and that makes perfect sense! According to the nutritionist, this is a good tactic – but not the only one – to strengthen the body’s muscles . “Supplements can indeed help in gaining muscle mass, but they are not the only ones responsible for this. You can gain muscle without using supplements as long as your diet is adjusted for this with the right amount of food,” says Roni.

Vitamin supplements help boost immunity – TRUTH

Did you know that it is possible to strengthen the body’s defense system with the help of the right supplements? According to Roni, multivitamins can be very beneficial in certain cases, but they should not be consumed excessively. “Multivitamins can help your immunity , but they are not the only ones that determine this. If you follow a healthy diet, eating the correct portions of fruits and vegetables during the day, the use of multivitamins is not necessary. The excess of vitamins and minerals it is usually excreted and, depending on it, it can even bring some harm. Like any food supplement, the multivitamin should be indicated by a nutritionist to meet each individuality “, concludes the nutritionist.


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