Superfood’ spirulina cultivation

Spirulina is a type of marine algae that grows easily in warm water. Since algae can absorb toxins in the environment, it is very easy to cultivate spirulina in a safe and controlled situation in Bangladesh. Many simply love the taste and texture of fresh spirulina. Although it is not very popular in our country yet. However, it is popularly known as ‘superfood’ as a powerful food on the outside. Once you start producing spirulina, your spirulina colony will continue to grow on its own. Spirulina production in Bangladesh is quite easy; Because the warm weather in Bangladesh is conducive to the growth of spirulina. Read more about Spirulina’s health benefits .

Methods for cultivating spirulina

Collect a tank

A standard sized aquarium is more than enough to grow a spirulina at home.

Spirulina cultivation will be inside the house

You can cultivate spirulina in large tanks in Bangladesh. However, Spirulina culture is easier to do in any small tank inside the house.

 Collect spirulina cultivation equipment

The spirulina colony is quite dense in water, but most of it is water. When it is ready to be eaten or consumed, extra water is required. In most culture mediums, you can use a sieve with a fine cloth or mesh to harvest a small amount of fresh spirulina during production. Also, a scoop will be needed to get the spirulina out of the tank’s water.

If you want to collect a large amount of spirulina and use it to dry, you will need to use a lot of fine fabrics or nets.

Purchase the mineral needed to grow algae

If you try to cultivate spirulina in the water used in your home, you may not produce as expected. As the weather in Bangladesh is favorable for spirulina cultivation, it is important to ensure proper use of specific minerals.

Spirulina’s ‘Nutrient Enhancer’

This is why you do not have to be an expert, although you can buy mineral “enhancers” in various nursery stores as well as online.

Of course, the nutritionist must confirm the presence of the following:

Sodium by carbonate

Magnesium sulfate

Potassium nitrate

Citric acid



Calcium chloride

Iron sulphate

Ammonium sulfate

Buy Spirulina Culture Pot

Whenever you are producing spirulina in a homestead, you will need to use some living spirulina as a starter. Finally buy a Spirulina Starter Kit by going to a local or online organic produce store. However, this pest is not yet available everywhere in Bangladesh. You can get it from some public-private companies or from foreign online stores.

Almost every spirulina starter culture is usually the same as a bottle in which spirulina algae are produced in water medium.

  • Since spirulina can absorb heavy metals and other toxins, you need to make sure the starter worm comes from a trusted source.

Keep your tank in a warm, bright place for spirulina cultivation

If possible, keep your tank near the south facing window where there is plenty of sunshine. The development of spirulina requires a lot of light and warmth.

Many people use artificial light but with natural light the results will be better.

Create a culture medium

The base of spirulina production is referred to as “medium”, this special algae is allowed to grow by adding nutrients to a watery tank. The tank must be filled with filtered water and mixed with mineral enhancers in certain proportions according to the rules.


Spirulina tank

If using a good filter, tap water is sufficient and you can use this water for your tank.

If the water in your home is chlorinated, you should buy a de-chlorinate supply from the aquarium equipment store.

Check the temperature of the amplifying medium

The temperature in your tank should be about 1 degree centigrade (5 F), but it may not be warmer than 5 degrees C (5 F). Then use the aquarium a built-in thermometer to make sure your tank is providing the correct temperature for your spirulina.

  • Spirulina can withstand low temperatures without dying but will do best in warm environments. When your tank is too cold, you should heat it with an aquarium heater, which you will find at the aquarium supply store.

Spirulina starter addition

You should follow the correct instructions in your spirulina starter bottle for smooth production. Typically, half to three-quarters of a medium bottle is to be submerged in the tank.

Spirulina colony growing period

At first your spirulina colony may look thin, but over time it will become thicker and expand in size. You don’t need to do much to let Spirulina grow. If your spirulina colony does not seem to be growing well, check the pH of your tank, while spirulina use should be close to pH 3 if it is suitable for use. Whenever the value of pH starts to differ, you may need to add more minerals “nutrients”.

Collect spirulina from about 3-5 weeks later

When spirulina begins to be useful, start collecting for consumption.

Filter spirulina with fine cloth

When you start collecting spirulina from your tank for use, cover with spirulina mixed water. Then hold it in a sink or bowl and gently press to drain excess water. Separate the dense green paste from there. Then use it to dry with your favorite food.

Reproduction of Spirulina colony

When removing some spirulina for use in your tank, add a little bit of the nutrient mixture back in. For example, if you extract one tablespoon of spirulina, add one tablespoon of nutrients to the medium. This will continue to produce spirulina in your tank.

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