Super Seducer 2 Walkthrough Chapter 9 – “A Girl in a Group of Men

Super Seducer 2 Chapter 9 Complete Walkthrough

Super Seducer 2 is the sequel to the first interactive seduction tutorial. In the second part, the player will have to meet women in very unusual circumstances. So, in the ninth chapter, which is called “ Girl in group of guys “ (Girl in group of guys) we are offered to interest a lady who is in a man’s company. If you don’t want to look for an approach to it yourself, use our walkthrough.

  • Approach the guys at the edge
  • Ask them what gym they train at
  • “ How did you meet? “(” How do you all know each other?“)
  • Lose a bet to buy them shots
  • Say you thought she was rude before but actually she is cool
  • Brish him off
  • Steer the conversation back
  • Go to dance with her
  • Play limbo with a scarf on the dance floor (Do dancefloor limbo with a scarf)
  • “I do not know if I can call myself a feminist, but I believe in equal opportunities»( « I of the know don`t i`d the if the describe myself as with the I of a feminist But Believe in equality of Opportunity »)
  • Say that the game is great
  • “I’ll leave, if she wants, she can decide for herself”(“ I`ll go if she want me to, she can make her own mind up ”)


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