Super Mario 3D All-Stars Analysis: Revisiting Three Historical Platforms


Super Mario 3D All-Stars Analysis: Revisiting Three Historical Platforms

Super Mario returns to Nintendo Switch with the edition that will make us reconnect with some of the most beloved titles

Platform analyzed: Nintendo Switch


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Alma Lopez

09/16/2020 3:31 PM

The celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary brings with it a pack that we have long awaited and that, as players know, is coming for a limited time. With the presence of three great jewels in platform games, Super Mario is ready to overcome once again the challenges that, in its day, attracted the attention of new players.


  • Super Mario 3D All-Stars: The most anticipated Super Mario pack
  • The adventure of Super Mario 64
  • Our summer encounter with Super Mario Sunshine
  • Recovering the max stars in Super Mario Galaxy
  • What is the best thing about Super Mario 3D All-Stars?
  • What is the worst thing about Super Mario 3D All-Stars?
  • Is Super Mario 3D All-Stars worth it?

Super Mario 3D All-Stars: The most anticipated Super Mario pack

Although his announcement was one of the most unexpected for fans, no one can deny that for months we have been waiting, yearning and undoubtedly looking forward to the arrival of a pack that would make us reconnect with some of the great adventures of Super Mario . They may not be the first game we’ve ever enjoyed, or even one of these is the one that started it all, but no one can deny the great potential of these three adventures.

The pack, whose time is limited on the market, offers us the opportunity to get to know Mario again in three of the proposals that showed that the adventures of the plumber in 3D look great . Memories with his polygonal appearance in Super Mario 64 or even his great leap into space in Super Mario Galaxy have been moments that many players treasure with great affection.

The special thing about these titles makes us look in even more detail at what this pack has to offer us, the possibility of experiencing great sensations with Mario and his high-altitude adventures. But is this pack really worth it? The time has come for us to analyze it in depth.

The adventure of Super Mario 64

The Nintendo 64 adventure is possibly one of the best known to gamers. Not only is his proposal in the castle the one that has conquered hearts , but his edition years later on Nintendo DS managed to cause many players to resume the adventure or as many others to meet him with an interesting improvement and new playable characters.

But if you expect this to be the version you’ll find in the pack, the reality is different. Once you start the game and yes, you are fascinated by the lack of loading times , you find the selection menu, where the three games with their respective soundtracks await your selection. And right here you will find both the year of the edition that you are about to enjoy and the available languages.

Super Mario 64

In the case of Super Mario 64, it did not take us too long to fall into the version since soon, when trying to select a language, we found that Spanish is not among its options, something that for many will make us remember that moment of enjoying it on Nintendo 64 . But, once we skip that point, we see that the adventure begins and the memories of playing on the classic console return. Indeed, the graphics are the same, except that there are certain improvements to adapt it a little more to the Nintendo Switch version.

What can be verified is that, indeed, the jump to HD shows us an improvement compared to the original version which, in turn, is also noticeable in the controls, where handling Mario is not as complex as in the console classic, but even its playability seems much more fluid, especially with the Pro controller.

Our summer encounter with Super Mario Sunshine

After enjoying the great adventures at Peach Castle, it’s time to go on vacation. Or, at least, try it because the paint and a rascal who looks like us try to prevent it. Of course, how is our experience with this title that once fascinated us on GameCube ?

It is not difficult to verify that, with respect to the GameCube version, certain graphical improvements have also been added. If in the cinematics we already see that there are some changes in the color and fewer jagged areas on the screen, in the gameplay the image is also much sharper . In fact, it even shows when it comes to launching the water jets or handling Yoshi.

Super Mario Sunshine

This can be made a bit worse in the case of slowdowns , which come from areas a little more loaded with paint and enemies that invite other allies to reach us to attack us. This is especially noticeable in Delfino City, when you try to put the lighthouse back in its place.

Recovering the max stars in Super Mario Galaxy

We come to the last of the proposals, the beloved Super Mario Galaxy. Of the three, it is the closest proposal to the launch of Nintendo Switch as we cannot forget that this title was released, for the first time, on Wii. So, has this version also undergone changes from the original title ?

Well, although they are not as remarkable as in previous versions, in Super Mario Galaxy we also find a facelift. Its graphics have been softened to give them a better view on the Nintendo Switch and, without a doubt, it is something to be thankful for, even though our fascination goes to another point.

Super mario galaxy

Something that is really appreciated in this version is that the gameplay has been adapted. After all, the title is intended to be played with the Wii controls, so what do we do if we want to play with the Pro controller , for example? Well, it is a possibility that can be enjoyed perfectly because this version takes advantage of the gyroscope of the controller, thus giving the possibility that each player can enjoy the adventure as they wish.

What is the best thing about Super Mario 3D All-Stars?

Of course, one of the points that best takes advantage of this pack is, without a doubt, the soundtrack . The fact of having the possibility to listen to the music of these three titles whenever we want and whenever we want is a real joy. All this without having to enter any of the three games, but we just start, in the menu they will already receive us with some of the songs and, later, we will be the one who can choose, on each album, which song to listen or if we leave let them sound one after another.

On the other hand, something to be appreciated is the lack of loading times . Of course it is also true that this may seem not very surprising if we think about the time that games have, but it is certainly a good invitation to be able to play a quick game without watching the time pass and waiting for one game or another to load. Everything takes place in just seconds, which is welcome.

In the last point we find the graphic and playable adaptation . The facelift of the three titles is clear and there is an improvement that is appreciated both on the portable screen and playing on television. Therefore, it is attractive to see that no matter how we like to play, the adventure adapts to us without problem.

What is the worst thing about Super Mario 3D All-Stars?

As we said a few paragraphs above, perhaps the worst thing is to find that the graphical improvement is not really what we were expecting for the pack. In fact, perhaps a slightly more ambitious jump was expected for the Super Mario 64 version, even though you can see a much sharper image.

Another negative point is the Sunshine slowdowns . While in Super Mario 64 and Galaxy the graphics were fluid, the GameCube version of the game gave me the odd problem in Delfino City. The chases and the occasional scene at the lighthouse became a bit difficult, although it did not completely spoil the experience.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Is Super Mario 3D All-Stars worth it?

After all the points that we have reviewed, the moment of truth arrives: is it worth it? We cannot deny that the great potential of this pack is found in the three great proposals that are included inside. After all, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy are at the top of many players, so only these three names are aiming to be added to a collection.

Of course, this also goes to say that there are improvements, although it is admitted that they are the right ones and that the extras really are conspicuous by their absence. Therefore, it is one of the titles that, although potential, lacks that expected surprise but of which, of course, we will enjoy its great soundtrack .


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