Be successful in your life by following the principles of chastity

Chanakya’s name is written in gold in the history of ancient India. He was a great scholar, diplomat, philosopher and economist. There are many texts that can be seen in the history ghat that have been equally affecting people till date. Notable among them is ‘Chanakya-Prithi’ – the best book written by Chanakya. The book is not just about research. The principle of goodness is equally effective in human life today. Let’s take a look at how success can be achieved by following the principle of choice –

. Knowledge: –

Chanakya says knowledge is the best asset of man. The wisdom of a wise person is everywhere. With the knowledge that man can achieve everything in this world. So make yourself wise. Knowledge is stronger than beauty and youth. But it is not right to be blind to the ego of knowledge.

2. Be honest but not stupid: –

According to the Chanukya policy, the situation can lead to death, especially honesty. We are often more honest and put ourselves in danger. So it has to be a bit trickier. Honesty is a great virtue so be honest but not stupid. Let no one deceive you with the chance of your honesty.

. Keep your secrets to yourself: –

According to the principle of Chanakya, when one’s secret is raised to the public, it becomes a joke to others. Even if he is a very close person, we never have to share his secret with him. Is it because he is confident that he will keep the words only when we are telling him not to keep it in himself? And when those secrets are spread, negative images are created about you. So it is better to keep your secrets within yourself.

. Before starting anything, ask yourself three questions: –
  1. Why am I going to do this? B. What will be the result of this work? C. Will I be successful in this? Asking these three questions will help you to make the right decisions in your life without thinking properly.
. Not to reveal weakness: –

Chanakya says that the snake is not poison, that snake should show that he has poison. Strong journey begins with the weak. If others notice your weaknesses, they will cheat on you with your weaknesses, try to lower you in front of others. So never reveal your weakness to others.

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. We should learn from the mistakes of others: –

According to the principle of consciousness, we should learn from the mistakes of others. Because we do not have time to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes later. Of course, I will learn from my own mistakes, but if others do not learn from their mistakes, they will be aware in advance of the mistakes that I will make in the future. As time goes on, I can be successful in life faster.

. Thinking About: –

Consciousness policy states that a person who speaks thoughtfully should never regret it. These kinds of people achieve success in life.

. No friendship with a fool: –

Chanakya says that we have never been friends with a fool in our life. Because they are two-legged animals that hurt us and hurt us by their words. With little knowledge or no knowledge, they will never be able to respect your thinking. They will also insult you for the wrong things you say. So they should never be advised, it will be nothing but a waste of time. I think friendship should always be with someone on your own label who understands what you think will lead you to the top.

. Saving Money: –

According to Chanakya, danger can come in any person’s life. Keeping that in mind, every person should save money. It should never be imagined that a rich man’s life cannot be in danger. When sufficient wealth is exhausted, the accumulated wealth begins to decrease rapidly, so it is necessary to save money or money.

১০. Chanakya about the students said: –
  1. A) A student should never express his anger. Because people cannot make the right decisions in the face of anger.
  2. B) One should not indulge in excessive recreation than the needs of the student, as the effects of excessive entertainment can be detrimental.
    As much entertainment as a student needs, it should be entertained.
  3. C) A student should never talk too much to a fool, because the knowledge of a fool is much less than that of a scholar.

A real friend is someone who will be with you when you need them, in an accident, during a famine, in a war, and in the end.


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