Submarines in Rust: instructions for players

Rust has a huge variety of vehicles of all kinds . You can move on land, water and even air without any problems. You can choose the transport for yourself. For example, you can travel through the air both in a helicopter and in a hot air balloon . On the ground, you can move either on foot or on a horse , and if it is completely majors, then you can travel by car .

In August 2021, the developers added underwater laboratories to the game , which are not so easy to get to. Especially for this, a new transport was added to the game – the submarine Rust, presented in the game in two copies.

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  • 1Types of submarines in the game
    • 1Solo submarine
      • 1.1Appearance
      • 1.2Inside view
    • 2Duo submarine
      • 2.1Appearance
      • 2.2Inside view
      • 2.3Sensors
        • 2.3.1Sonar
        • 2.3.2 Speedsensor
        • 2.3.3 Depthsensor
        • 2.3.4Fuel Gauge
      • 2.4Seats for driver and mechanic
    • 2How to control a submarine in Rust
    • 3Where to buy a submarine
    • 4How to refuel boats
    • 5Torpedoes
      • 1The first type of torpedo
      • 2Second type of torpedo
      • 3Advantages and disadvantages, comparison
    • 6How to fix a submarine
    • 7How to spawn a submarine through the console
    • 8What drops after destruction

Types of submarines in the game

Solo submarine


Externally, the submarine for a lone player is covered in rust. The submarine itself cannot boast of huge dimensions, since it is intended only for a solo player. On the outside of the submarine there is a fuel tank.

Solo submarine

Inside view

Compared to a two-player sub, the interior of the solo sub is overly stripped down. There are no dashboards with useful information. Of the useful things here are only the windows through which you can look.

Duo submarine


Externally, a submarine for two players is large in comparison with a solo submarine. This submarine in Rasta has a yellow color, and the fuel tank cannot be reached from the outside.

Duo submarine

Inside view

The interior of the duo of the submarine is much more interesting than that of the submarine for a lone player. The insides are crammed with various sensors, and the passenger has access to the submarine’s fuel tank. The driver can keep track of all the sensors on the dashboard, which we will now talk about in more detail.


Sensors in a duo submarine


Sonar is an extremely useful sensor. With it, you can track all the entrances to underwater laboratories. But sonar is useful not only for finding laboratory entrances. All submarines will also be marked on it. Sonar can detect an object that is no further than 100 meters away from you.

Sonar sits right in the center of your dashboard.

Speed ​​sensor

You can easily track your speed in a submarine. Your speed is displayed to the right of the sonar and displays your current speed in miles per hour. The speedometer shows not only your speed in a straight line, but in all directions.

Depth gauge

The depth gauge will let you know how deep you have dived. Initially, the sensor shows sea level, but with immersion, the sensor needle starts to rotate confidently clockwise. The depth sensor is the leftmost sensor.

Fuel gauge

It is not very convenient for the driver to see how much fuel is left in the submarine every time, he is generally deprived of such an opportunity. But so that he does not constantly change, if the submarine is empty, or does not constantly ask the passenger the question “How much fuel do we have there?”, The submarine has a fuel sensor. A full tank is 160 units of low-quality fuel , and if you fill in more, the arrow will hover at 160 and will begin to drop only when there is less than 160 TNK units of fuel.

The fuel gauge is located to the right of the speedometer.

Driver and mechanic seats

The duo submarine has only 2 seats – for the driver and for the mechanic. The driver can only operate the submarine and turn his head. The mechanic monitors the fuel level in the tank and, if necessary, refills it.

How to operate a submarine in Rust

The control of the submarine is not that difficult. But you have to get used to this business. The following buttons are used for control:

  • W – forward;
  • S – brake, back;
  • A / D – turns left and right;
  • F – lighting;
  • CTRL / SPACEBAR – plunge and ascent.
  • LMB – torpedo shot.

Where to buy a submarine

Both submarines in Rasta can be purchased from the fishing village . The prices are more than reasonable. A submarine for one person costs 200 pieces of scrap metal , and a two-seat submarine costs 100 pieces of scrap metal more, that is, for a submarine for two players, you will have to pay 300 pieces of scrap metal.

Submarine just bought

How to refuel boats

Submarines are fueled with low quality fuel , like all vehicles in the game. To refuel a solo submarine, you will have to float to the surface, get out of the submarine and pour fuel into the fuel tank from the outside. In a duo submarine, the passenger fills up the fuel – the fuel tank is in his face.

Fuel tank in a solo submarine

Fuel tank in a double submarine


The first type of torpedo

The first type of torpedo for submarines is the straight forward torpedo. You can buy it in the fishing village, from the boat seller. For 2 torpedoes, you will have to lay out 75 units of scrap metal. You can then examine the torpedo on the research table for 75 pieces of scrap metal. Or, you can immediately use the workbench and study the torpedo on the level 2 workbench research tree , spending 2500 units of scrap metal. To craft 3 torpedoes, you will spend 1 metal pipe and 30 units of gunpowder . When crafting, a level 2 or 3 workbench is required.

The second type of torpedo

The second type of torpedo is a surface torpedo. It can also be purchased from a boat vendor for the same amount as straight forward torpedoes, and it can be researched for the same 75 pieces of scrap metal. But on the workbench you will have to lay out an additional 75 units of scrap metal, that is, as a result , you will have 2575 units of scrap metal along the research branch . Crafting is exactly the same as the previous torpedo.

Advantages and disadvantages, comparison

A straight-ahead torpedo goes strictly forward, that is, where you let it go, it will float there. A surface torpedo always floats to the surface. This is their difference. They are no longer different.

How to fix a submarine

Both submarines can only be repaired with a mallet and metal fragments . A double submarine will have to spend a maximum of 62 metal fragments, and a single one – 50.

How to spawn a submarine through the console

You can spawn submarines through the console if you have administrator rights. To do this, write the command “ Spawn submarineduo. entity “to spawn a two-man submarine or” Spawn submarinesolo. entity ”to spawn a submarine for 1 player.

What drops after destruction

If you destroy a submarine, you will not get anything from it. Consider that you crashed somewhere on a minicopter, a similar situation.

Submarines in Rust are highly controversial vehicles. On the one hand, they allow you to explore the underwater space of the Rust game, but on the other hand – who cares? Nobody. But getting to the underwater laboratories on the new transport is possible without any problems. Not all players will be interested in submarines, but if you want to loot underwater laboratories often, get yourself submarines.


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