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Switzerland is one of the best countries to study in Europe. There is no doubt that Switzerland is the most beautiful country in Europe. As beautiful as the country is, there are well-respected world-class universities that attract countless potential students.

Why go to Switzerland to study?

There can be many reasons to go to Switzerland to study. We are discussing the most important reasons here.

Safe country to live in

Switzerland is one of the safest countries. Large crime is almost non-existent and the risk of minor crimes is very low compared to other countries. So Switzerland is one of the best countries for international students to stay.

Quality Higher Education

If you go to Switzerland to study, you will receive quality higher education. Some of the universities here are among the best. Other universities also offer quality higher education.

International network

You will be pleased to know that Switzerland is an international student with 20% of the total students. To put it more simply, 20% of the total students here come from abroad. This means that if you go to Switzerland to study, you will be able to meet many foreign students. This will enhance both your experience and network.

Multinational culture with four official languages

Switzerland has four national languages: Mainly German, 2nd French, 3rd Italian and Romance. In such a multinational language and culture there is much to learn and learn about it. In addition to your studies, you will learn new languages.

An opportunity to work in Switzerland while on the go

In Switzerland you can work alongside studying. Even though you are allowed to work 7 hours per week, you can do more if you want. How long you can work depends on your college or university permission.

In comparison, the cost is lower in Switzerland

Switzerland has lower costs when it comes to living standards, education, culture, etc. Let’s not know what the cost of studying and living and eating in Switzerland can be like.

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Prosperous ideas of studying, living and eating in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its high quality education and research. In particular, the Swiss MBA and PhD programs are of much importance and evaluation worldwide. Since Switzerland is a European business center, many students dream of staying here after studying.

Tuition fees from the University of Switzerland

The tuition fees of a university vary depending on the subject and time. Average public university tuition fee: Bachelor’s and Master’s programs: 20 euros per year. PhD Degree: 1 to 225 Euros.

Average Private University Tuition Fees: Private universities usually have tuition fees of 1 euro to 1 euro per year. Here are two examples of private universities and their tuition fees:

  • Sustainability Management School – 1 euro per year.
  • Swiss Business School – 1 euro per year.

If you want to study at a fairly low cost, you can apply to the following universities:

  • University of Geneva Switzerland – Tuition fee 1 euro per year. (Average)
  • Bern University Switzerland – Tuition fee 1 euro per year. (Average)
  • Lausanne University Switzerland – Tuition fee 1 euro per year (average)

The cost of living and eating in Switzerland

The cost of living and eating in Switzerland is a little expensive. You may need to budget 8 to 20 euros a month to live and eat in Switzerland. Geneva may cost more in the meantime. Living and eating in Geneva on average can cost as much as 220 Euros. Besides, if you live in Basel, the cost will be less. At Basel you can stay and eat from 1 to 5 euros.

You can have a Student Hall if you want and the cost will be less here. If you want to stay a little better, you can share the room with the local residents. If you want to stay a little more comfortable, you can rent your own home or room. You also need to spend 5 euros on average for meals, and 25 euros for insurance.

The best universities in Switzerland

  1. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – ETH Zurich
  2. Ecole Polytechnic Fidrell de Lausanne (EPFL)
  3. University of Zurich
  4. University of Basel
  5. University of Bern
  6. University of Geneva
  7. University of Lausanne
  8. University of Friborg
  9. St. Gallen University
  10. University of Neuchatel
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