Stucco;final coating used to beautify walls.

The stucco is a dough or paste compound of a very thin base material: lime , gypsum or cement to be mixed with other materials such as marble dust etc. used since ancient times as wall and ceiling cladding.


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  • Coating
  • Decorative element used in artistic finishes
  • Modeled as sculptures or finished of these.


  • Used since ancient times, the Romansused it in their constructions, based on knowledge inherited from ancient Greece .
  • In the Renaissanceits use was more widespread and began its application in the French palaces (they learned it from the Italians).
  • From France it was transmitted with greater or lesser success to other artisans and teachers from Europewho would take it to America .


Being stucco a term that defines a category of materials and not a material itself, it is difficult to classify them. In general terms it can be classified as:

  • Traditional classical stucco : those made with the techniques and materials that were used until the 19th century, such as plaster stucco, marble and slaked lime.
  • Synthetic stuccos: they are products obtained by mixing different materials and chemical formulations that are sold already manufactured and their composition is based on a patented mixture, they were very popular in the United States since the 1950s.
  • Modern stuccos: as the plastic stucco contain synthetic acrylic resins in general, they serve as a final coating, replacing the paint, they are easier to apply than the traditional ones, they are ready to apply.

Other classification

  • Scraped stucco: Finish that is provided to the stucco by passing a serrated tool over the surface of the stucco before it sets.
  • Boulder stucco: Exterior finish of a wall made by embedding boulders or pressing them against the stucco surface.
  • Projected and ironed stucco: Finish that is given to the projected stucco when the outgoing areas fail before it sets.
  • Portland lime and cement stucco: Stucco made with portland cement and a portion greater than 50% of its volume, which allows an improvement in its plasticity.
  • Portland cement stucco: Stucco made with Portland cementand a portion of lime less than 50% of its volume.
  • Stucco, chopped and ironed: Exterior finish of a stucco wall achieved by fraging before setting.
  • Projected stucco: Process by which a finish is provided by throwing mortar against a wall or by means of a special machine or pneumatic gun.
  • Marble powder stucco: Coating form in which marble dust and lime mortar is used. Also called marmoration.


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