Strategies to have a high performance of life

Coaching has become fashionable. It is here to stay. However, not all the courses offered, both in person and online, work. There is coaching in all areas and spheres; to be a good commercial strategist, to improve your sports performance, to be a better mother, not to yell at your children … there is everything you can imagine. And there is a curious one that perhaps can encompass everyone else and that is coaching on how to make your life, in general, get high performance.

Experts are unanimous on the subject of happiness . In general, the happiest people are those who are satisfied with the things they wanted to do and that, to a greater or lesser extent, they achieved. Neither money nor material things can provide more happiness than knowing that one surpasses oneself. Obviously, this follows love between people, with the family occupying the first rank in the preferences of the vast majority of Spaniards.

Azucena Caballero, a personal coach with a high-performance program and specialized especially in women and mothers , believes that “many people do not achieve their goals because they lack the tools to achieve it and, above all, because they are carried away by self-repression and social repression which means not seeing each other’s life with enough perspective and that should not be the case because each one of us —he maintains— has the right to create a happy and free life ».

The recipe to live better, to have an “exciting” life as defined by the coach is to make several approaches and then put them into practice. As explained in their high performance online program, people should ask themselves the following questions and approaches:

—First of all, we must have an exciting project in hand to focus on and work on. This, which seems so simple, is actually quite difficult because in our lives there are many things, some foreign to ourselves and others that come from us, that keep us from following the path of that project. Walking away from that path is the same as failure, continuing on it is synonymous with success.

– Safe and love-based relationships. This, which seems obvious, is not so obvious. Many people who lack personal stability see their frustrations or family injuries reflected in the professional environment. A person can and should choose who he is with. You cannot choose the parents, but you can choose the couple. If a person has a bad relationship with their parents or siblings, they can find the tools so that this relationship does not affect their daily life and, thus, tarnish the objectives. In the chosen couple, the same thing happens. If we do not maintain a solid, harmonious and love-based relationship, we will have many difficulties in achieving our vital goals.

“Have a healing life perspective.” This is perhaps one of the most ambitious motivations because getting things that happen to you in life to be seen as opportunities rather than obstacles is quite difficult. But, it is true that, when you learn to be objective and see things from an optimistic perspective instead of defeatist, you win many integers and, above all, you win a lot of peace. Being able to analyze your past and the causes that made some decisions lead to failure is good. Knowing how to do this self-analysis prevents you from falling back into the same mistakes and, of course, makes you grow as a person knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are.

All this, of course, —explains Azucena Caballer— if seasoned with strategies to maximize productivity, give a more than optimal result. They are not even magic formulas, they are simply based on knowing each other without fear and without judgment so that this exciting project to focus on becomes a reality. The result is a happy and meaningful life, a life that is full, meaningful, gratifying and of which when we reach our last years we are proud to have lived it


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