The Story of Prophet Solomon, King of All Beings

One that can be emulated from the story of the Prophet Solomon is a humble nature despite having a lot of expertise and reinforcements.

After the US Prophet David  died, his son namely Prophet Sulaiman continued the kingdom of the Children of Israel. There are many lessons and lessons to be drawn from the  story of  Solomon who is the king of all beings.

“And we grant David, Sulaiman, he is the best servant. Indeed, he is very obedient (to his Lord),” said Allah SWT in the Qur’an Sad verse verse 30. The

Prophet Sulaiman (AS) is one of the 25 prophets and apostles that must be believed. Allah sent Prophet Sulaiman to improve the morals of the Children of Israel. Sulaiman preached according to the Torah, the book revealed to the Prophet David. In addition to being a prophet, Allah SWT also bestowed a great kingdom that ever existed in the world for Solomon.

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He became king of all beings. Not only humans, Sulaiman dominates animals and supernatural beings such as jinn and demons. Allah Almighty made the Jinn and Satan submit to the Prophet Solomon.

“And (We bow also to Solomon) a group of demons who dive (into the sea) for him and they do other work; and we take care of them,” said Allah in the Qur’an Al-Anbiya verse 82.

In the Saba letter described the jinns working for the Prophet Sulaiman to make tall buildings, statues, and large plates. Prophet Sulayman was also given the miracle of softening copper.

Once upon a time, one day Sulaiman gathered his army which consisted of jinns, humans, and birds that lined up in an orderly manner.

When examining the flock of birds, Solomon saw Hud-Hud birds were not in place.

“Why do I not see Hud-hud, is he among those absent? I will certainly punish him with severe punishment or slaughter him, unless he comes to me with a clear reason,” said Sulaiman, according to the letter An-Naml verse 20 -21.

Before long, Hud-Hud came and immediately gave word from the country of Saba.

“I have learned something that you do not know. I came to you from the land of Saba with a convincing message,” Hud-Hud said.

Illustration: Bird Hud-Hud brings news to the Prophet Sulaiman that there is a woman with a great throne, Queen Balqis. He and his followers are called worshiping the sun. (Photo: iStock / Liliboas)


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Hud-Hud told that he met a woman with a big throne. The woman is the Queen of Balqis.

Hud-Hud calls Queen Balqis and his followers worshiping the sun.

Sulaiman did not immediately believe the news delivered by Hud-Hud.

“We will see, are you right, or are you lying.

Sulaiman then ordered Hud-Hud to bring a letter to the State of Saba.

When he found the letter, Queen Balqis looked surprised and confused.

” In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful “Do not be arrogant toward me and come to me as surrenders,” Solomon wrote in the letter.

Balqis then sent his men to send gifts of abundant wealth to the Prophet Sulaiman.

Prophet Sulayman refused the gift and threatened to fight against the kingdom of Queen Balqis.

“What God has given me is better than what God has given you; but you feel proud of your gifts. Come back to them! Indeed, We will surely come to them with armies which they are unable to resist, and we will drive them out of the land. insulted and they will be despised, “said Sulaiman.

Sulaiman then asked his troops who could bring the throne of Queen Balqis before him before they came to surrender.

The Ifrit of the Jinn said that he was able to carry the throne before the Prophet Solomon rose from his seat. Another person said that he was even able to carry the throne before the Prophet Solomon could wink.

Instantly, the throne of Queen Balqis was seen before the Prophet Solomon. Balqis arrived at the Kingdom of the Prophet Solomon. Balqis was amazed by the luxury of Sulaiman’s kingdom.

When asked to enter the palace, Balqis revealed his clothes because he thought he was passing through a large pool of water.

“In fact, this is just the palace floor which is coated in glass,” said Sulaiman.

Balqis then surrendered to Allah SWT.

“O my Lord, truly, I have done wrong to myself. I surrender myself with Sulaiman to Allah, Lord of all nature,” said Balqis.

Ratu Balqis’ submission made Sulaiman’s kingdom even wider.

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The Prophet Solomon was also given a miracle God who could subdue the wind. With that wind, Prophet Sulayman could travel quickly.

“And We (bow) the wind for Sulaiman, whose journey in the morning is the same as a month’s trip and his trip in the evening is the same as a month’s journey (too),” Saba letter verse 12. The

Prophet Sulaiman then died at the age of 66 years. Prophet Sulaiman died in a different way than other humans. The Prophet Sulaiman died while sitting on a chair. His death was only discovered after the stick of the Prophet Sulaiman was eaten by termites.

“So when We have decreed his death (Sulaiman), no one shows them his death except for the termites who eat his stick. So when he has fallen down, the Jinn knew that if they knew the unseen they certainly did not remain in humiliating torment, “the word of God in Saba verse 13.

From the story of Solomon there are a number of lessons to be learned. The Prophet Solomon always paid attention to the presence and work of his troops. He is able to manage well.

When the Hud-Hud bird did not exist, the Prophet Solomon acted wisely by not directly punishing him. However, the Prophet Solomon listened first to the Hud-Hud birds.

Prophet Sulaiman also never boasted even though he had a lot of expertise and led many troops. Prophet Sulaiman also showed his wisdom when reviving Queen Balqis.

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