Stories of the main weapons in PUBG Mobile

Let’s take a look at the interesting stories about PUBG Mobile’s main weapons that you may not have known before.

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What do you normally do after landing on the battlefield in PUBG Mobile? Most players would be on the move to find and loot decent weapons . Every weapon that you find in PUBG Mobile has an interesting background. Let’s take a look at the stories behind the biggest weapons in PUBG Mobile that you’ve never known before.

Stories about the main weapons of PUBG Mobile

AKM is the comrade in arms of soldiers

The AKM , also known as the modernized Kalashnikov automatic rifle, is an improved assault rifle from the AK47 invented by Russia in the 1940s. This weapon was widely used by soldiers, hitmen, and freedom fighters. It has been one of the favorite weapons in the world for being easy to use. And also in PUBG Mobile, the AKM is a favorite weapon for its great damage capacity and its effectiveness in close-range combat.

The Thompson Gun: Infinite Ammo with a Trench Coat on

The Thompson or Tommy gun is a submachine gun developed by America. It is the strongest SMG in PUBG Mobile despite the longer fallback time compared to other SMGs. This weapon was popularly used by the Chicago gangster. This legend gives this weapon a bad name and makes Thompson a sign of organized crime in the US That is why this weapon has appeared so many times in Hollywood gangster movies. On the other hand, Tommy gun is very popular with civilian collectors due to its relevance since the Prohibition Age and World War II.

M16A4: Rapid Fire AR Pistol

This AR weapon is first developed and used by the US military in jungle warfare operations during the Vietnam War. After that, the M16A4 has been widely used by armed forces around the world. This weapon uses 5.56mm ammunition. Many PUBG Mobile players prefer this AR weapon because of its stability, especially for medium and long range shooting. However, many gamers tend to underestimate this weapon and the earlier M416. However, after learning the background on this weapon, do you see that the M16A4 is great? Additionally, the M16A4 offers the highest ammo speed in PUBG Mobile. In the hand of professional gamers, it can be one of the most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile.

Kar98k is a classic sniper rifle

The Kar98k , also known as the German Kurz 98 Carabiner, is one of PUBG Mobile’s favorite SRs. This pistol is preferred by PUBG Mobile gamers due to its excellent accuracy. Kar98k was actually one of the last improvements in the line of Mauser rifles developed for the military. This weapon was widely used by the German Army during World War II when they occupied many European and North African countries. It is also preferred by a wide range of civilian collectors for its legendary track record.

The VSS Special Sniper Rifle

The VSS is a special sniper rifle produced by Russia. It is also known as Vintorez, which means thread cutter in the Russian language. It was introduced in the Russo-Afghan war in the 1980s. Spetsnaz units still use this silent assassin today for clandestine or covert operations. Thanks to this excellent feature, the VSS is considered a perfect weapon for black ops and assassinations. It already comes with a sound suppressor and a 4X viewer. This special SR is one of PUBG Mobile’s favorite weapons used in stealth combat. In long-range combat, only professional players can determine and adjust the target for accurate bullets.

Spray the bullets with the Micro UZI

The Israeli UZI was developed during the Cold War. It is a lightweight, compact, cheap and popular submachine gun. Although SMG technology has developed strongly since then, the UZI is still one of the few weapons that has become a cultural icon of the world. In PUBG Mobile, players tend to use it to blow up enemies early in the match when they are still searching for supplies.


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