How to stop gender violence in the labor market?

Every day, at least one woman is forced to leave her job partially or totally in Spain due to gender violence , according to data from the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) collected this week by the Central Union Independent and Officials ( CSIF ). Employment is the only element to empower these battered women by giving them autonomy, independence and being a reason to get ahead as well as an incentive to increase their network of contacts.

Aware of this reality and of the difficulty of women leaving the work system due to being victims of gender violence, Adecco has launched the guide ” A job against violence “. Five chapters to guide women in job search.

The career path of a woman victim of gender violence begins with a personal recovery plan . The Guide explains, step by step, how to approach this first step, which is the cornerstone of the entire job search process.

Ten steps to finding employment

1) Personal recovery plan

  1. Love yourself and let yourself be loved
  2. Make a list of the small achievements you have made throughout your life
  3. Take care and change your image
  4. Relax and practice diaphragmatic breathing

and. Stop negative thoughts

2) Self-knowledge

  1. Detection of strengths and weaknesses

3) Market knowledge

4) Curriculum update

5) Planning

6) Multichannel search

7) Job interview

8) How to justify periods of inactivity

9) Resources for employment

10) Rights of women workers who are victims of gender violence


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