Steps to Register a Free Emaze Account to Make Presentations

You want to create unique and creative digital presentations for your school or university assignments, even for your business meetings; An excellent online tool is Emaze which allows you to design presentations in 2D or 3D. This post will teach you step by step how to create or register a free Emaze account to make presentations .

What is Emaze?

Emaze is an online program that allows you to create or design dynamic and eye-catching presentations . This tool has HTML 5 technology and a variety of templates with impressive effects where graphics, text, images and videos can be inserted; even with this tool it is possible to upload presentations in PowerPoint and PDF format to give it a different and fascinating design.

Emaze is a very simple program to use , that is why it can be used by high school or university students, teachers or anyone who wants to create incredible presentations; It is even useful for personal blogs, photo albums, websites, social networks and e-cards, as they allow you to add a different touch with amazing presentations.

To enjoy all the advantages offered by this online program, you only need to register with Emaze , have a tablet, mobile or PC connected to the internet.

Steps to Register a Free Emaze Account to Make Presentations

  1. Enter the official Emaze website by typing the following URL in the address bar of your favorite browser .
  2. Within the official Emaze page you must go to the upper right corner and click on «Start Session Register» .
  3. Immediately a pop-up window will appear where you must select the method you will use to register in Emaze; the options you will find are Facebook, Google or email. Below we will explain what to do in each case.

Register using email

  1. In the pop-up window you have on the screen you will see a small form, in the first box (Enter Your Email) you must write an email address that you have active. If you don’t have an email, you can create an email account in Gmail .
  2. In the second box (create a password) you must create a password composed of letters, numbers and special symbols.
  3. In the third box you must confirm the password, for this you must enter the same password that you wrote in the previous box.
  4. In the fourth box there is a drop-down menu, click on that menu to select the profession to which you dedicate yourself.
  5. After filling out this little form, click on the yellow  Sign Up  button .
  6. Clever! you can immediately start creating unique and original presentations.

Sign up with Facebook

  1. In the pop-up window in the center of the screen, click on the dark blue button “Login with Facebook” . To use this option it is essential to have an active account on this social network; If you don’t have a Facebook account , you can quickly create one with a phone number .
  2. After clicking on this option, the Facebook page will load on the same screen where you must enter your access data , such as email or phone number and password. Then you must click on “Enter”.
  3. With these simple steps you will have created your Emaze account using Facebook. You must bear in mind that every time you want to access your Emaze account, you will have to log in to your Facebook account.

Sign up for Emaze using Google

  1. In the floating window that you have on the screen, you must click on the sky blue button «Login with Google» .
  2. In the same browser tab, the page where you will enter your Google account to complete the registration will load; To do this you need to enter your email address and password , then click “Next”.
  3. After following these simple steps you can start designing professional presentations in your Emaze account. When you go to enter your Emaze account you must log in using your Google account.

Leave basic programs like PowerPoint behind and start using online programs like Emaze, which will allow you to create spectacular and creative presentations that will attract the attention of your classmates, work, teachers or bosses. Register today with Emaze and start designing the best presentations


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