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One of the fundamental tools of computers is the web browsers of the moment , with them we can perform various searches within the internet, to find alternative pages that interest us , based on world entertainment.

One of the fastest browsers is Mozilla, which recently made an important announcement. Said announcement opens a beta version of its Firefox Voice system, which is an experiment devised in order to combine various controls from the browser itself, which are also controlled by voice.

This action can be carried out, thanks to an extension, which will be available exclusively to be installed in its desktop versions, both for Windows , Mac and Linux as well.

Users who are interested can access this beta function, without any problem, since initially they only need to have the web browser installed . Likewise, the only limitation of this action is that said extension is only available in English.

How to enter Firefox voice search

If all this topic has intrigued you enough to want to try it, the steps to follow are very simple. To begin, you must enter the official Firefox website , in order to learn a little more about this initiative.

Once you have read about the extension and know all the terms of use and details of it, it will only remain for you to locate the corresponding extension on the page , in order to join the beta installation.

Once you start the installation, the same program will ask you for some permissions, which will serve as voice records. These records are used for the sole purpose of conducting various investigations by Mozilla .

However, you can deny these permissions if you feel them as an invasion of your privacy . Just take into account that these permits allow the company to know a little more about your activity and in this way to be able to anticipate various actions and thereby offer you better services.

The Firefox Voice system is supported by Google Cloud, with which they maintain a confidentiality agreement, in which both companies agree not to record the voice commands that are sent by their users within the web browser.

How to take part in the Test Pilot

In order to access the new features of Firefox , you must install the Test Pilot extension, with which you can make use of various applications and new functions that the application will offer you over time.

In this way we can test the voice search, which usually works with different pages that are within the beginning of said search engine. This is what we refer to as pages like Google and Yahoo, whose main task is that: Search.

However, the tool to be able to send files does not require any type of extra extension, since it will allow you to send any type of file up to 1 GB .

You can use this action without any type of limit, since it is also an independent action from the browser and it will help you greatly with various tasks and actions with the browser .

The way in which this tool works, all files are encrypted once they are uploaded, for which you are provided with a download link , which we can also share.

When these files are shared, they are deleted after downloading or, failing that, after more than 24 hours have elapsed. This new concept of search and voice sending through a browser has become a revolutionary idea, which also seeks to help you with various tasks throughout your day. It only remains that you dare to try it.


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