Steps to change the wallpaper on an Android Wear watch

Having a smartwatch today is undoubtedly a great advantage, since it allows us to manage our other electronic devices even better. Apart from this, by itself it is an excellent and useful accessory that will make us look great. That is why, if you want to improve the appearance of your own watch, in this article we explain how to customize and change the wallpapers on an Android Wear watch easily.

If you have a wonderful Android Wear smartwatch and you want to get the most out of it, no problem, because we show you how to change its wallpaper in a few steps. In this way, you can enjoy much more of everything that these accessories have to offer us.

How to change the wallpaper on an Android Wear watch?

There are many options that we can contemplate when obtaining a new smartwatch, and as with almost every electronic device today, one of the most desired is to personalize it with a wallpaper. Although it seems a bit complicated, it is entirely possible to change the main screen of your Android Wear   in a few steps.

You can adapt the look of your smartwatch depending on the occasion and your tastes , with different watch faces that will undoubtedly give it a special touch. Here are the simple steps you must follow to achieve this.

Steps to change the wallpaper on an Android Wear watch

Before starting, it is necessary that you manage to update your Android Wear smartwatch to the latest version that is available, so that you can carry out the process avoiding any inconvenience that hinders it. Once you have done this, the steps you must follow to change the face of your watch are:

  • Activate your watch.
  • Press the screen for a moment, which will allow you to see all the available clock faces .
  • Go sliding the screen to see all the options.
  • Press the one you like the most.

Ready! You can do this every time you want to change the look or appearance of your smartwatch a bit. Of course, we remind you that this process may change a bit depending on the watch model you have, so we recommend that you verify it in its instructions or when contacting the supplier.

How to add a new watch face on my Android Wear?

If you have already seen all the watch face models available on your Android Wear and none of them convinces you at all, no problem, because you can add as many as you want. What you have to do is download the Android Wear OS app on your smartphone.

Once you have downloaded it, it will be necessary for you to be able to synchronize the smartwatch with your cell phone . Within this application, you can download all the watch faces and then share them with your smartwatch and start using them as soon as possible.

Apart from the Android Wear OS app, in the Google Play Store you can also find other applications that offer functions such as connecting devices with the watch, personalizing various aspects of it, controlling it in a better way, among other options. With them, you can choose between different wallpapers or clock faces to enhance your smartwatch.

Now, if at any time when using your Android Wear watch you get tired of the watch faces that you have downloaded, you just have to delete or disable the app with which you have added the watch face. It’s that simple!

On the other hand, you can also choose watch faces that have other functions, such as displaying important information or having shortcuts to reach all your apps easily. In addition, another excellent option to personalize your smartwatch is to download the best keyboards for Android Wear watches .

We hope that all this information can be of great use to you, and that you can customize the screen of your smartwatch without any problem. Let nothing stop you from having the best Android Wear watch of all and get the most out of it.


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