Feelings of happiness are feelings that we feel in life without feeling sadness, doubt, worry or other negative feelings, even though the circumstances of life do not make us feel peaceful and not as beautiful as we hoped, but we can control all feelings of sadness into better feelings.


Many people who try to feel happy by reading happy pearls of wisdom are short, dense but clear. In fact, they also began to write beautiful words that motivate and make it as a collection of happy words. In essence, there are so many people who insist on having happy feelings, even though happiness is simple. It’s just that many people who complicate the path to happiness without them knowing.


Most people think that happiness can be obtained when our economic situation is guaranteed. Meaning, when we want to eat good food, we have enough money. When we want to buy nice clothes, we can also buy them easily without thinking “where’s the money from?”


If the statement is indeed true, then what if we don’t have any money? Do we not deserve to feel happy? Of course we all still have the right to be happy! If your fellow readers are looking for ways to stay happy even if you don’t have a lot of money, then your fellow readers must-must-read this article to finish it.


Why is that? Because we will discuss tips when you don’t have a lot of money, but still feel happy in life. Although, when we are broke (do not have money), we will find it difficult to focus on the happiness we have now. Feeling worried like thinking, “What will I eat tomorrow if there is no money?” or “How can I fulfill my life’s needs for the next week or a month?” What should I do? Why is my life so sad! ” Unfortunately, all these feelings and thoughts will only make our lives more confused and far from happy.


According to the balance dot com website, there are 5 ways we can do to still feel happy , even though we don’t have much money. Curious? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Define the Purpose of Life We Expect and Review the Progress We Have Made

Do you know why we often feel sad and far from feeling happy? That’s because we always think about things that we don’t have and often neglect everything we have done and tried in life. We are too busy to pursue life goals that are owned by others, not life goals that we expect .


Consequently, we also often compare our economic situation with others. For example, we compare ourselves with colleagues who have just been promoted by the boss because of his success in taking higher education abroad, after returning from his leave he managed to get a higher position than us.


Starting from this scenario, we begin to compare ourselves with our coworkers, “Ah, of course he can continue his education, he’s smart so he can get a scholarship”. Next, we will compare the salary we receive with the salary of our coworkers who have just gotten a new position in the office. Fatally, the process of comparing oneself will continue without stopping if we are not aware of ourselves.


We are busy pursuing life goals that others have now and comparing our financial situation with them. Therefore, we often forget about all the work done and the progress we have made so far. In fact, maybe as long as our colleagues continue their education, we have succeeded in learning a new foreign language, getting more clients and so forth. Believe me, everyone has their achievements that need to be proud of. Don’t forget to keep on saving so we have “capital” to achieve our other life goals in the future.


2. Stay away from Prestige and Seek Experience.

There are still many people who think that to feel happy that they need big capital. For example, when we want to travel abroad, we need capital to buy airplane tickets, hotel bookings, money for shopping and so on. Eits! But make no mistake, colleagues. In fact, there are various ways we can do to enjoy life without having to spend a lot of money. To achieve this, we need to change our mindset or mindset first. How, we need to stay away from prestige and are determined to seek experience.


If your fellow readers really want to go abroad, try to look for career opportunities there or scholarships for further education that allow us to go abroad with sponsorship as a whole. In addition, we can also take part in an essay competition in which the prize gets a free ticket abroad to present our essay. Interesting right?


In essence, there will always be other activities that are free or require a small fee, which can provide us with many valuable experiences and feelings of happiness at one time. From this point we also need to learn that, happiness is having a lot of life experience, not just having a lot of money.


3. Join the Volunteer Activity.

The third way is very effective for those of us who often feel lacking in economic conditions. We feel that our lives are the most miserable lives of others, life is always mediocre, do not have a lot of savings, and a handful of other financial complaints.


If your fellow readers feel this way, try to join volunteer activities. For example, joining to become a committee that must cook in public kitchens or emergency kitchens to cook food to victims of natural disasters. From this activity, we will get many new perspectives. One of them is to feel grateful because we can still eat nutritious food, not having to eat food that is cooked potluck from a public kitchen that might taste even less delicious.


This method will teach us gratitude and gratitude to God Almighty. So, if we always complain about the current economic situation, do not hesitate to immediately join the volunteer activities huh!


4. Look for Friends Who Have the Same Thoughts and Objectives as Us.

Life will feel more beautiful and easier when we have like-minded friends and have the same goals as us. In short, we will support each other, pray for and help one another.


Challenges in life will feel lighter because we have soul mates who can share complaints, even laugh at all the difficulties that exist. To the extent that all the difficulties and challenges do not look big anymore.


So if we belong to the group of people who are often broken (don’t have money), having a close friend or more who has the same thoughts and goals as us is an extraordinary gift from God. Remember, happiness is not only in the form of money and possessions, but having extraordinary soulmates is also an incomparable favor. Look for happiness with our true friends, even though our wallets are thin.


5. Take care of ourselves as best we can.

We can still feel happy, even without a lot of money. How to? Love yourself by taking care of yourself as best you can. The first person who is obliged to love ourselves is ourselves, not others. Try to think, how many rich people with abundant wealth, but they hurt themselves by falling into drugs. Very detrimental right ?!


Even those who have a lot of money don’t really care and love themselves the best they can. Therefore, we can still love ourselves and feel happy even though our money is not as much as others. For example, we diligently exercise, always think positively, eat healthy food, maintain mental health both emotionally and spiritually by maintaining our relationship with God and the people around us. That way, we will always feel happy, healthy and grateful to God Almighty.


How colleagues, interesting right article above? From now on, we want our fellow readers to feel happy even though they are broke or don’t have a lot of money. To survive, we do need money. However, lest we pawn happiness just because of money. Keep your spirits up, Career Advice colleagues. Happy greetings!

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