This is how you should stay calm at home in times of coronavirus

The families of the Spanish communities affected by the closure of the schools are experiencing a real change in their routines, which is generating large doses of concern in an exceptional situation without precedent. For this reason, the experts try to transmit a message of calm, especially for those perfectionist and overprotective parents who find themselves at home teleworking and with their children doing homework.

This is what Sara Pérez-Tomé, founder CEO of the family advisory cabinet Sophya , wants to highlight . In his opinion, in a situation of this nature, ” you cannot be one hundred percent in everything : at work, in childcare, in schoolwork … You have to be aware that there are certain red lines. Now the rhythm of life is different and one cannot pretend to do the same as before the closings of schools and the threat of the coronavirus. To work stressthat is generated in the parents (by changing the workplace, teleworking, not having the same means and tools, suffering the consequences of the coronavirus in the economy …), the health-social stress and the stress of caring and attend to the duties of children. All these types of stress together are a time bomb for anyone, “he confesses.

For this reason, he recommends being realistic and prioritizing because, he insists, “you cannot reach everything the same as before.” He recommends that parents be aware that their children are also undergoing very sudden changes for which they were not prepared. Failing to go to school overnight is a surprising event for them because they have suddenly been estranged from their teachers, their friends, their sports routines, their playtime in the yard … to be at home , almost locked up, in their room in front of a screen to do homework online.

“There are families who are perceiving that children are being sent too many school duties , which makes it difficult for children and, much more, for parents who telework at home and cannot correctly answer the questions that arise to the little ones, the problems when the computer is blocked … I don’t think that any child will be suspended for not carrying all the homework. In addition, he points out, there are also children who are at the grandparents’ house without the possibility of doing all the tasks because they either do not have a computer or because the grandparents do not have enough knowledge to support them in this task. You can’t expect them to work at the same pace as they do on school days at school . ”

Don’t give too much information

This expert warns, however, that the real problem, rather than the duties of the children, is the course of the oldest and university students . “The little ones, even if they lose rhythm in the study habit, can recover it quickly through play or activities that stimulate them, but for Secondary or university students it is more difficult to recover the subject because, in addition, time escapes them” .

It also suggests to parents Sara Pérez-Tomé «not to give too much information to children about the effects of the coronavirus or to see so many informative reports. It is better to give them a message of tranquility so that the changes they are undergoing do not add a scenario of worry or anguish because they do not dominate all the information and their imagination can play tricks on them.

Above all, in these moments of confusion it is important to talk to the couple , if you have one, and to agree well on what coexistence at home will be like, establishing new routines, spaces and shifts so that each one, in his case, can telework while the children play or do homework. “It would be highly recommended, however, that the tutors or, some teacher, these days would also get into the typical WhatsApp group of parents in the class and thus transmit tranquility.”


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