Is the stationery business profitable?

As a successful and profitable business, I will give the stationery business eight and a half. To say that the stationary business is a lot of us, this business is just the center of the spectators. Really?

What products are sold in stationery stores

A stationery store has bookshelves, pens, pencils, rubber, color pens, paper, calendars, calligraphy sets, child-friendly stationery. Besides, many products can be sold including desk clocks, diaries, envelopes, folders, pens and pencil sets, photo albums, photo structures, wedding albums, writing papers.

Why is this business profitable?

According to one study, in our country by 2021, about 5% of the total population of the country will be 12 to 20 years old. Which is an important information for the stationery business .

  • Stationery products make up to 12% to 5% or more.
  • There is no such thought that the stationery business products will usually expire.
  • The small business can be started at a stagnant stationery business.
  • No need for more manpower. However, if the store is large, it may require 2 to 3 people.
  • Stationery products are always in demand, as it is not a casual business.
  • Buyers will come to buy for their own needs, which is usually not the case at other businesses.
  • With the stationery product, mobile business can be developed, including other leases, which can be rented out to the shop with profit.

Before starting the stationery business

Store location: To be successful in this business, you must shop in a busy place. In addition, there are schools, colleges, universities, offices and such places are suitable for stationery shops. Read: Why Business Losses Are

Visit the shop: Suppose there are schools, colleges, universities, offices like this one, but there are already many more stationery shops. Then try to find out how those stores are selling in the area. Talk to the shopkeeper if necessary. Do your own research on sales and market.

Think about some of the stationery products you sell: Suppose there are 2 more stores next to the area where you start your business. You have to sell all the products they sell, think of what can be sold. Maybe photocopy, mobile rezas, mug prints, etc.

After all, as a profitable business, you can succeed in stationery business if you can shop in the right place and make the customer happy with the right product. This business will be another step easier for sweet people.

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