How to start a yard sale business

Looking for a profitable business idea in small capital ? A business yard cloth that can be traded without the risk or risk of investing less.  As an ancient and traditional art of village Bengal, people of all classes have a distinct love for yard cloth. Not only that, for all kinds of colors and designs, the demand and use of gauze cloth has been described for ages. Our country needs and quality rich yarn fabrics are exported every year to many countries abroad. So from a business point of view, yard cloth business can be a creative and effective business field.

Doing this business doesn’t require too much capital. You can also buy clothes from wholesale markets in different places of the country and supply them to local market and clothing shops in the market.

Depending on the needs of customers, you can supply different types of gauze fabrics in different seasons. For example: Cotton can be supplied in summer and thick or heavy clothes in winter. You can also handle the business by providing synthetic and linen fabrics. No special qualifications are required to start this business. Only by nurturing integrity and integrity can you benefit and succeed in this business.

Yard Clothing Business Location

This business does not require much space to start. This business can be operated from any market or small shop in the market.

How much does the potential cost?

To start the yard cloth business, you need to invest 5 to 5 rupees. A lot of times it depends on the location of the business in the area, because if you want to shop in a well-known market, you have to raise the budget.

How to start a yard sale business?

To start this business you need to set up a shop to use as a storeroom. Then you need to buy yard clothes at different rates from different garments and collect them in this store room. After that, the yard will have to be sold at different retail outlets. Usually the price of the cloth is determined based on different types and quality.

Who are the customers of this business?

People of all classes are subscribed to yard cloth.

Qualifications : No special qualifications are required to start this business.

How much money can possibly be earned?

Starting this business can earn from Tk 20 to Tk 3 per month. However, before the Eid, the sales are multiplied many times before the sacrifice, which can be earned on average throughout the year.

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