Start Pokémon Go with Pikachu

Did you know that you can get the classic Pikachu as your very first Pokémon when you launch Pokémon Go? How to find him!

When Pokémon Go starts, you get to choose between either Charmander , Squirtle or Bulbasaur (depending on which one you catch). However, there is an opportunity to start the game with the entire series’ little mascot Pikachu as your first Pokémon . To find him, do the following. Keep in mind that this is only possible when you start a brand new game.

Launch Pokémon Go with Pikachu

  1. Start Pokemon Goapp and create either a new Pokémon Trainer Club account, or sign in with a Gmail address that has never before been used to Pokemon Go .
  2. Step through the usual introduction until you get to the section where Professor Willowgives you some Pokébollar to catch your first Pokémon . Now do not point to any of the three Pokémon that appear. Instead, you take your phone with you and walk away from the three little monsters.

DO NOT point to any of the first three Pokémon you see. Instead, walk away from it without touching the screen at all.

  1. After a while the first three Pokémonaway, but immediately popping up ( spawn ) near you. Again, do not point to any of the three. Instead, keep walking away from them.

Keep walking without tapping the screen. The three Pokémon that appear from the beginning spawn next to you several times as you go.

  1. Repeat this until the monsters have spawned (popped up again) three times. The fourth time they appear, another small Pokémon appears on the map. This is Pikachu !

We tested this twice and the first time Pikachu appeared at the fourth spawn of the three monsters. The second time, it took a full seven times before he showed up. Thus, no Pikachu shows up the fourth time the monsters spawn, it just keeps going until he looks ahead!

Pikachu is small, yellow, happy and full of electricity.

  1. To capture Pikachu, do just as you would any other Pokémon . Point at him and throw away a Pokéball . It was not trickier than that. Good luck!

How easy it is if you are not afraid of a little exercise, which you must not be when playing Pokémon Go! Shout out in the comments if you’re thinking of anything else about Pokémon!


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