How to start natural gas CNG production business from cow dung?

At present, the demand for natural gas CNG is huge. To meet the demand, the requirements of natural gas as well as the gas produced in various ways are infinite. Natural gas CNG production from cow dung is a large-scale business.


Potential Capital: To start this business, it may be necessary to invest Rs. However, the area will be especially low.


Why do this business: In the past, cattle dung and excreta were used for agricultural purposes and for producing biogas. Currently, natural gas CNG is being produced by processing livestock dung and excreta. If you can produce CNG with biogas, it will have less impact on the underground gas. It is possible to produce 8-20 kilowatts of electricity through the dung of 6 animals.


Current market of this business: As the demand for gas is increasing day by day for a variety of reasons, this business is creating a huge market. Demand will increase even more day by day.


How to get started: In order to do any business, you need to obtain a trade license from the government. If you want to start a CNG manufacturing business, you can start the natural gas CNG production business from Dung with the necessary documents. To produce CNG, a biogas plant has to be generated, then the filter and compressor are converted to CNG gas with recombinant dioxide. Biogas is produced by combining 5% carbon dioxide and 5% methane. The main source of CNG is methyl, which if not, can not be made of CNG.


Marketing Law: The main consumer of this business will be the drivers of CNG.

Qualifications: To produce natural gas CNG from cow dung, you must train and have experience in it. Then you will be able to do this easily and solve various problems.

Potential gains: Generally, the production of CNG can be made from 25 kg cow dung to 120 cubic meters. And the current market value of the 125 cubic meters CNG is around Tk.

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