How to start a business selling gift products

The business of selling gift giving products as a profitable business for a small amount of money. Bengalis, known as the nation of festivals, have many types of days to express their happiness and felicity to the people in a more fulfilling way, and maintain a festive atmosphere. The importance of birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, teaching day, friend’s day , love day, etc. is of great importance to keep people in a joyful and joyful environment .

And to make these days more attractive and sincere, gift products are an essential item. Gift business paid on birthday, friend’s day, love day, etc. can also be a creative and confident business field.

Gift shop selling business products

The business can be started alongside schools, colleges, universities and coaching centers. When determining a place, it is important to always determine the location where many people travel. You can also start this business with a small shop in your nearest market or market. Moreover, you can now expand your business using Facebook or other online platforms.

Why start a business selling gift products?

This business can be started very easily by combining demanding gift items. Demand for this business is always seen in the market. This can be a reputable business field for any entrepreneur. The profits of this business are about 20 to 3 percent or more. Compared to other businesses, this business does not have the amount of risk. But you have to take the shop to the right place.


How much money will be required : To start this business, you need to invest approximately 1 to 5 lakh capital. More: Profitable business in small town

How to Start a Business

The shop should be well decorated with a small shop. Various gift cards, chocolates, showpieces, ceramic mugs, diaries, children’s toys, makeup products, color pencils, cosmetics, etc. should be bought and arranged in the store. The business is to buy and sell these products in retail.

Who are the customers of this business?

Usually the main consumers of this business are the students of school, college and university. However, people attending different days and events can be consumers of this business. Mainly, consumers come for the service themselves.

Although there is no qualification required to start a business selling gift products, sweet consumption will increase the sales of multiples. Starting this business, it is possible to earn up to Tk 5,000 per month by selling online .

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