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One of the most disturbing and disturbing moments in people’s daily life is load shedding. The age of the current technology can not be imagined without electricity, while a second , the hours of load shedding led to constraints on how much it is understandable. And through the routine suffering and unbearable suffering of this load shedding, people can be serviced by generators as a temporary alternative to electricity.

This is a serviceable and creative business idea considering the business aspects. You can also choose a viable opportunity to earn money by having generator services delivered to your neighborhood , homesteading, and local markets. By providing this generator service, the unemployed youth and young people can build an improved career by providing this generator service.

Location of business

This is a home centered business. This business can be started by using an empty house or place in your home. If you want to have a generator, the room is gone. However, the generator makes a lot of noise, so the house must be fixed keeping in mind the surrounding people.

Why start a generator service business?

This is a simple business idea. There is no problem in managing this business. It does not require too much capital to start a business , medium quality capital is sufficient. This business goes without saying. The profits of this business are high. This is a hassle-free business and easy to manage, so many entrepreneurs are eager to start this business. Moreover, a business can be started without any staff which no other business can think of.


Without the generators and haste, nothing is needed. To start this business, you need to invest from around 1 lakh to 5 lakh.

How to start a generator service business

You need to prepare a room for the machine. Then you have to hire a skilled electrician. Then the generator should be installed in the house and then connect to the customers’ house or business establishment through it. A 5 watt generator can usually run 3 lights and 1 fan. This is how to start this business.

Generally, the main consumers of this business are home and market or shopkeepers. Hopefully this will not be the same with the consumer.

Is there any qualification required?

Generator services do not require any qualifications to start a business. By hiring a skilled electrician, the business can be easily managed. But you have to be competent in marketing and paying bills from house to house.

Income with generator service

The revenue depends on the connection of this business. The higher the connection, the higher the income. Starting this business can earn from Tk. 5 to Tk.

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