How to start a brick kiln business?

The brick making business is a lucrative business. Currently, the price of 3,000 bricks is 3 to 3 thousand. Demand for bricks is rising so much that prices are falling. Brick is an essential and fundamental element of the construction industry. Without bricks, it is almost impossible to build a lot of buildings and buildings or buildings.

Even brick has a versatile use for the construction and repair of permanent infrastructure and roads. Therefore, any entrepreneur with a much-needed and demanding element of this construction industry can establish himself as a financially self-sufficient and successful businessman by starting a business. The place where the brick is made is called the brick kiln.

Medium brick is enough to make a brick kiln if there is a large area of ​​land. Besides, the brick making of raw materials such as soil , water, etc. is not available because of the large investment. The brick sale process can be provided directly to the customer level as per his wish or can be provided to the contractor and construction company on contract basis.

There is no special qualification required to start a brick making business. Only experience with the quality of the brick and exterior brick making techniques is sufficient. For this brick making business, employment of many people can be made by employing workers.

Brick kiln can be started at a place that is a little farther away from the place and damage to the environment. To start a brick making business, you need to invest approximately 1 lakh to 5 lakh or more.

Brick is usually made by the soil of the Char Zam area. To make brick, mounds are first made in a mixture of soil and water. The machine is made with the help of a machine. The shape of the brick is then made with wooden molds. The brick-shaped mounds will then be removed from this wooden mold and dried in strong sun.

Then, after drying a bit, one has to arrange another with the inside of the reactor. After sorting, the fire will need to be burned with the help of coal. The bricks are ready to be taken out of the furnace for 3 to 5 days after being burned red. To make a brick kiln, legal rules of brick kiln must be followed.

Contractors and construction companies are the main consumers of this business. Moreover, any person who builds a building or building is also a consumer of this business. To start a brick making business, you need to have a thorough knowledge and experience of the whole brick making process. Since you are going to do business with a lot of money, you need to do business with the right business plan.

Usually, the cost of making one thousand bricks ranges from four thousand taka to five thousand two hundred taka. At the time of sale, the price of one thousand bricks falls from seven thousand to eight thousand five hundred taka. Each brick kiln can produce between 3 and 2 lakh bricks per season.

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