Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Fallen Order FAQ on how to unlock different abilities, get all essences, increase the stock of stims, health, Strength and much more

In this guide, you will find helpful tips to help you complete Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order . If you are faced with technical problems, then use our separate guide .

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How to save manually and automatically?

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, automatic saves occur after important story episodes, but you can also do them manually. To do this, it is enough to visit any point of meditation and relax while interacting with it. But remember that rest revives all enemies and also ties you to this point. That is, in the event of death, Cal will return here. On the other hand, rest allows you to restore health points, Strength and stocks of stims, plus you can scatter skill points at meditation points.

Buying new abilities does not lead to the revival of enemies!

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Why can’t you open the chest?

There are some doors and chests in the game that can only be opened after you gain access to the probe adapter . And where exactly to look for it, read below.

What are seeds for?

While exploring the planets, BD-1 will jump off Cal’s shoulder to inspect different objects. Among them are plants that you scan for seeds. They can be planted in the terrarium on the “Praying Mantis”, thereby decorating the corner. And if you find and plant all the plants, you will unlock the “Gardener” achievement.

What are the consequences of death?

The nemesis will be highlighted in gold

Cal returns to the last meditation point where he rested. All opponents are reborn. Experience gained during the journey and before death (if it has not been transformed into a new level) will be lost. However, the enemy who killed you will turn into a sworn one . Dealing damage to such an enemy will be marked by full restoration of health and Strength, and as soon as you kill him, you will return all experience points.

How do I get new costumes for Cal?

You should look for closed containers. Our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide lists the locations of all such crates.

How to be treated?

There are several ways. First, the hero regains health points when he moves to another planet. Secondly, you can rest at the meditation point, but remember that all enemies will be reborn. Third, you can ask BD-1 for steam. This injection restores only a fraction of the health points. On the other hand, in the future for skill points it will be possible to acquire skills that enhance the effectiveness of treatment with stims.

In addition, you can find in the game several containers of stims that increase the injection limit.

And the stock of injections themselves is restored during rest at the point of meditation.

How to increase the number of stims (where to look for containers of stims)?

Take advantage of our detailed walkthrough , which shows the location of all collectibles.

To make it easier to search from a computer, use the CTRL + F function and type in the query “container” .

Why can’t you defeat Oggdo-Bogdo?

The battle with this mini-boss can happen literally in the first minutes of your exploration of Bogano. However, if you are playing on high difficulty, then at first it will be unrealistic to defeat him. However, you can simply lower the level to the minimum and kill the mini-boss. Fortunately, there are no achievements in the game that force you to complete the game on a specific difficulty!

If you do not want to lower the level, you will have to be patient and return to the enemy later. For example, after the first visit to Zeffo.

How to regenerate Strength?

Rest at meditation points or damage enemies

How do I get a double-sided lightsaber?

There are three options:

  1. You can be patient, unlock “Push”, return to the elevator on Bogano, go down on it, jump even lower and push the platform to create a bridge and get into the abandoned workshop. However, to get into Cordova’s room, you will also need a repaired probe adapter.
  2. After a few more hours, you can find another workbench with this improvement, but this time on Kashyyyk.
  3. Finally, the fastest but dangerous method is to visit Dathomirafter Bogano and delve into the location as much as possible to find a workbench with an improvement.

Can I change the color of the lightsaber?

Use any workbench in the game. Only two colors are available by default. However, when you get to Ilum in the story to get your own kyber crystal, you can choose the color of the lightsaber from 6-7 options before activating it.

Does the game have choices and different endings?

There is only one ending in the game, and the choice during some dialogues does not affect anything. Even the other characters’ relationship to Cal.

How long does it take to finish the game?

It takes about 15 hours to complete the story, if you don’t get distracted by anything else and choose the normal difficulty level. Choosing a different difficulty level can significantly shorten or increase the campaign’s action. For example, on easy mode, you can complete the game in 10 hours, on hard mode – 25-30.

Even on an easy difficulty level, if you decide to complete the game completely, collecting all the collectibles, you will have to spend over 30 hours on it.

Is it possible to change the appearance of the hero?

You can choose a different costume and poncho (cape), but you cannot change your face, hairstyle or hair color.

How to recruit new team members for Praying Mantis?

The Dathomir Witch is unlocked in the game’s storyline, in the second half of the storyline campaign. But there is another, hidden companion. To get it, return to Bogano immediately (or later), as the “Push” ability becomes available. Go down under the landing pad and destroy the blocks on the left. Interact with the goddess to go to the Mantis. However, whether you have it or not, it does not affect anything, except for the achievement of the “Full House” achievement .

Where can I find the probe adapter?

To get the probe adapter, you will have to progress through the story on Zeffo and wait for the moment when the hero receives the “Push”. After that, move in the same way as before, following from the “Praying Mantis”. When you go down the ice slope and find yourself in a place with many stormtroopers, defeat them and push to destroy the wall on the left. Behind it is a hidden laboratory of a mysterious race, where there will be a workbench with improvements.

Where can I find all the essences of health?

Use our text for the location of all collectibles.

To make it easier to search from a computer, use the CTRL + F function and type in the query “essence” .

How to get new skins for Praying Mantis and BD-1?

Search various chests hidden on each planet

Some require an adapter probe to unlock. Read above for where to get it. Our other guide shows the location of all such chests.

How do I customize my lightsaber?

Use any workbench that is located in different parts of the planets. One such is available on the Praying Mantis.

Where can I find all the improvements for DB-1?

Many of them will be available in the story, but some are hidden from view and will require additional actions. You can find out about each improvement of DB-1 on the page with our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide .

How do I open red doors and other objects?

During the passage of the game you will find various obstacles. When you study them up close, they will be highlighted in red. The situation is similar with the map, on which such objects will also be colored red. This means that at the moment Cal does not have a suitable ability or is missing some important BD-1 upgrade to go further. However, as soon as you get the necessary ability, while studying the map, you will find that such objects are repainted in green.

How to swim underwater?

Continue to play the game and when you visit Zeffo again, you will receive an underwater mask (upon meeting with the leader Tarfful).

How do I get new poncho materials?

Similar to the previous option – look for chests. Our material r indicates the location of all such chests.

How to get through Dathomir?

To pass Dathomir, you need all of Cal’s upgrades, so after Bogano you can only advance on this planet up to a certain point.

It looks like a desert Dathomir

How do I skip cut scenes?

There is no such possibility in the game.

How to chop off Oggdo’s tongue?

Slow down on this huge monster at the moment when it blushes, opens its mouth and tries to grab you with its tongue. While the tongue is extended, chop it off.

Although this action is not required to kill the monster itself, it will unlock the “Keep your mouth shut” achievement.

How do I get a double jump?

Proceed through the story and unlock Jedi Roll, which allows you to jump repeatedly, pushing off the air.

How to destroy a robot?

Use slow to defeat the robot

Ideally, you should use a two-sided lightsaber against him.

Where can I find all the essences of power?

Check out our detailed guide for the locations of all collectibles.

To make it easier to search from a computer, use the CTRL + F function and type in the query “essence” .

How to get to the abandoned workshop on Bogano?

You must unlock the Push ability, and then return to the elevator and ride it down, where there will be a platform that should be pushed away.

How can I increase my health?

To do this, you must collect Health Essences. Every three essences increase the maximum HP limit of Cal Kestis. There are 12 essences in the game. In addition, the skill tree will contain skills that also increase the HP pool.

How do I increase my Strength?

Similar to the previous point – collect essences, and also unlock the corresponding skills.

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