Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – All Caches and Crates on Zeffo

A total of 14 caches and 43 boxes can be found on Zeffo. In the story, we will return here three whole times, so you can collect them gradually. The guide will be large, we recommend that you use the content for easy searches.

All caches and boxes on Zeffo

Abandoned hangar

  • Box # 1 – after leaving the “Praying Mantis”, keep to the left side of the area to find the first chest among the boxes. Inside is a new theme for the BD-1.
  • Box number 2 – this box can be found inside the hangar itself, on the left side among other boxes. Inside you will find a poncho material.
  • Cache number 1 – from the “Praying Mantis” keep to the right side of the site to find the desired passage. Go forward, and when you find yourself at the waterfall – jump into the cave to the right of it. You will find a canister of stims on top of the platform.


  • Box number 3 – after leaving the “Praying Mantis”, keep to the left side of the site and go through the gate. To your left there will be a house, go around it from the end and climb up to find a box.


Abandoned village

  • Boxes # 1, # 2 and # 3 – All three boxes in this area are easy to find by looking at the map below. They are not hidden in any way and stand in plain sight.


Turbine plant

  • Box # 1 – to get to this chest, from the meditation point, you need to keep to the left. He will be standing on a small platform.


Heavy cliffs

  • Cache # 1 – there are fans in this location that you need to slow down to get ahead. The last fan must be slowed down so that it can jump onto the platform with the meditation point. From it, you can go through two more fans and eventually get to the essence of health.


Weathered Monument

  • Crate # 1 – you need a round building with a workbench. Climb to the very top, run along the wall and slow down the platform that moves up and down. From it you can jump to the chest to your left. Inside is a new Mantis skin.


  • Crate # 2 – There is a small stone hut under the wall running platform. You can open the door with BD-1. There is a chest with a lightsaber switch inside.


  • Crate # 3 – after going through the area with three broken pipes, keep to the left to find this chest. Inside is a Mantis coloring book.
  • Box number 4 – from the previous box, go forward a little and climb up the rope to the upper platform. After that, wrap around the corner to find a chest on the ledge. You will receive a new lightsaber clutch.


Shredders “Bura”

  • Box # 1 – after leaving the dark hangar, this box will be on the left side of the platform, where several stormtroopers are waiting for you. Inside is a lightsaber switch.


  • Box # 2 – use the rope and you will get into the area with the choppers. Slow down the first two to go further. The box is hidden in a niche, from where the third leaves. You need to slow it down and quickly run inside.
  • Cache number 1 – after passing the last chopper, you will get to a platform surrounded by a flimsy fence (this is right in front of the meditation point). You can jump over it to the top of the grinders and walk along them to the cache using the slowdown. As a reward, you will receive an Essence of Health.
  • Box # 3 – after the meditation point, jump to the next platform with a rope and walk a little forward. The box will be on your left.


Ancient catacombs

  • Box # 1 – after entering a dark tunnel, keep to the left until you see a well-lit patch. Climb up the stream of air and find a crate with a new Mantis paint job.


Ice caves

You can get to this location through the “Ancient Catacombs”. There are no story missions here, so don’t be surprised if you don’t have it open.

  • Box number 1 – after going down the ice slope, you will find yourself near the meditation point. Go down the ledge and find a crate of new poncho material.


  • Cache # 1 – walk forward from the meditation point. You will see two ropes that will help you jump onto the platform with the stim container. Use gravity and double jump skills to get things done.


  • Boxes # 2 and # 3 – from the meditation point, go down the rope, then keep to the right. At the elevator, turn right again and walk forward until you find yourself in a room with two boxes. You will have to run a little on the walls and ride the air currents.


  • Box number 4 – from the meditation point, go down the rope and turn left. You need to slow down two rotating wheels, and then run along the wall to the elevator. The box will be located not far from it.


Wind-torn ruins

  • Box # 1 – from the meditation point, look at the stairs leading to the tomb. To the right of this staircase, in a small niche at ground level, is the first chest. Inside is a lightsaber sleeve.
  • Box number 2 – with the help of air currents you need to climb to the highest platform on the right side. A crate of lightsaber material is on top of it.


Eilram’s tomb

  • Cache # 1 – in the room with air currents you need to drive the sphere to the center of the circle. If you are here for the first time, then here is a guide . If not, the skills of pushing force and attraction are enough. As a reward, you will receive the Essence of Power.


  • Box # 1 – from the meditation point, go through the room with the sarcophagus and turn left in the next hall. Push the rock out to the very end, and then use it to climb up to the chest. Inside is a new lightsaber material.


  • Box # 2 – in the room where you solve the three-sphere puzzle. Place the sphere in the hole that is closest to the meditation point. Climb up and slide down the icy slope. Grab the rope and look left to see two more. At the end of the path, you will find yourself on a platform by a box.


  • Cache number 2 – in the room where you are fighting with the guardian of the tomb. The essence of power is hidden behind bars. To break it, push into the bars with the power of the scungus that grows here.


  • Crate # 3 – in the room where you solve the three-sphere puzzle. Slightly push the bottom sphere out of the hole and slow down in this position. A platform will appear directly behind it, on which you need to climb. When the deceleration wears off, the sphere will roll into place. The platform will head upstairs and take you straight to the chest with the new BD-1 theme.


Imperial headquarters

  • Box number 1 – in the room where you slow down the fan, to get through, you need to lower the bridge. After that, you can climb up, slow down another fan and finally get to the box.


  • Crate # 2 – This crate is located in the same place as the elevator leading to the tomb of Miktrull. If you are just going to the tomb according to the plot, then it is more convenient to pick up the box at the exit from it.


Crash site

  • Crate # 1 – you will find this crate on the island with two phylacs. Inside is a new theme for the BD-1.


  • Cache number 1 – near the wreckage of the ship there is a rope, along which you can climb. After that, turn on the electricity and slow down the grinders to climb them to the cache with the essence of life.


  • Box number 2 – near the entrance to the Broken Wing location, you need to run along the wall to get to the platform with this box. Inside is new poncho material.


  • Boxes # 3 – # 6 – there are four underwater chests on the map below. The very first is located in a small underwater cave right below the meditation point. Two more – in the breaks of the stone circle. To find the last one, walk from the meditation point to the right. You will see a red metal structure on the wall. Here you need to dive under it.


  • Boxes # 7 and # 8 – these two boxes are also located under water, but closer to the entrances to the Crashed Venator location. The first crate can be found roughly under the upper entrance, and the second near the platform with a rope coming down from the lower entrance.


Broken wing

This location can be accessed through the “Crash Site”. There are no story missions here, so don’t be surprised if you don’t have it open.

  • Box number 1 – from the arena with Mad Jotaz, go forward until you find yourself at the pipes, along which you need to crawl to the other side. Instead, dive into the water and find a crate of lightsaber material there.
  • Cache # 1 – Continue forward to the water and current puzzle. You need to turn off the electricity, get over to the other side and cut off the black hose hanging in the water. Then turn the electricity back on to open the door. Taking the elevator, you will find yourself right in front of the cache with the essence of power.


Crashed Venator

There are two ways to get to this location from the “Crash Site”. You go short in the story , since you don’t have a double jump yet. But all the boxes and hiding places are on a long one. You will have to come back here later when the desired skill appears.


  • Crate # 1 – In the room with the meditation point on the island, you can swim around the corner to find a crate with a lightsaber switch.


  • Cache number 1 – move forward to the place where you need to pull two ropes to you in order to go further. Instead of jumping forward from the last rope, turn around and jump to the left. There you will find a cache of Essence of Power.


  • Boxes # 2 – # 4 – towards the end of the area you will find yourself in a room where stormtroopers are attacking the jotaz. Here you can find three boxes at once.


  • Caches # 2 and # 3 – The following caches are located literally on your way to the Imperial Excavation Site, you are unlikely to pass by. One is the Stim Container and the other is Essence.


Imperial excavation site

  • Cache # 1 – you need a bridge, from which an elevator goes to the Imperial headquarters. From there, you can jump onto the cable and then jump onto a small iron platform under the ceiling. Then use the Push of Power on the wall and you can pick up the container of stims from the cache.

Tomb of Miktrulla

  • Box # 1 – after the meditation point, you will climb to the platform along the vines. Turn left and cross the bridge to the end. There you will find a box with the coloring for the “Praying Mantis” guarded by the keeper of the tomb.


  • Box # 2 – go to the room where a large sphere hangs inside the lantern. You need to organize a passage on the left side of the wall with candles to get to this box.
  • Cache No. 1 – the same room with a lantern. On the right side of the wall with candles there is a passage, you go there. Look right as soon as you pass through the water curtain. You will be able to pull the candle towards you through the vines. Now go left and lift the metal grate with the cable. Drag the extracted candle closer to this grate. Climb up the vines from the back of the grate and pull the rope towards you. The bottom of the grate will drop, but a passage will appear right in front of you. Through it you can pull in the candle that you put near the grate. With this candle, you need to set fire to the vines in order to get to the cache with the essence of power.


  • Cache # 2 – In the area with round platforms and gravity switches, there is another cache hidden behind a grate. To get to it, you need to push the scungus growing nearby into the bars with the help of force. As a reward, you will receive the essence of life.


  • Box number 3 – on the way from the second cache to the room with the sphere in the lantern, you will find yourself on the bridge where you can turn on the magnetic field. Take the candle and look to the left. You need to throw it into the vines to clear your way to the chest. We did not succeed the first time. In the screenshot below, the character is standing on the desired bridge.
  • Box number 4 – you need to climb to the upper level of the room with a lantern, from there jump over the ropes to the other side and exit to the platform. Now use two more ropes to get to the hidden area. Burn the vines on the right side first. Then go into the opened passage and turn off the magnetic field. Now you can throw a candle through the mouth of the giant statue and open the passage to the chest.


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