Spleen stuffed (recipe from Honduras)

Spleen Stuffed. Typical dish of Honduran gastronomy . Made with different ingredients.


  • 1 large beef spleen.
  • 2 poundsof meat beef (pit).
  • 1 pound of potatoes.
  • 1 large onion.
  • 1 small pea can.
  • Habichuelas
  • Saltand pepper to taste.
  • Celery,chopped or coriander .


Is cooking the meat well seasoned. It is minced and arranged with the ingredients pointed out in the juice of itself. The potatoes and beans , diced, cooked or raw, as desired. The spleen is cut at one end to remove everything inside. This is done by hand , to prevent breakage. It is tried that it is not too thin so that it resists cooking without breaking when the filling is.

When the meat is already mixed with all the ingredients and fried, it is cold, fill the spleen, very carefully. It is sewn with a needle with thread or special kitchen nails are put in it and they are joined with thread, so that when cooking, the filling does not come out. The spleen is cooked in little seasoned water or in a water bath. Once cooked, put it in the oven to brown and roast the spleen, because only then can it be sliced ​​to serve it. It can be eaten hot or cold .


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