Spilled water on your MacBook?10 Tips To Recover

Accidents do happen, and if you’ve spilled water on your MacBook in any way, here’s what you should do next. This article is not overly technical. The things mentioned here are what you should (not do) immediately.

Follow the instructions below to take your system to the Apple Store or an Authorized Service Provider.

  1. Unplug your Mac charger
  2. Shut down your MacBook immediately
  3. Disconnect all connected peripherals
  4. Do not let water get inside
  5. Disconnect the battery if you have tools
  6. Let your MacBook dry completely within 48 hours.
  7. Contact Apple Support and schedule an appointment
  8. Do not spill liquid on your MacBook in the future.

1. Unplug your Mac charger.

The very first thing to do is disconnect your MacBook from charging. This will interrupt the continuous flow of power to your computer and help limit additional serious damage.

2. Shut down your MacBook immediately.

Water and dust are the two main external enemies of any electronic device, including your MacBook. As soon as water gets on your MacBook, shut it down immediately.

If the trackpad is not wet, quickly click the Apple logo in the upper left corner and select Off.

If liquid gets into the machine, press and hold the MacBook’s power button for a few seconds to turn it off.

3. Disconnect all connected peripherals.

Do not leave devices such as wired headphones, hard drives, external solid state drives, flash drives, keyboard, mouse, or Bluetooth receivers connected to your MacBook. Removing these will keep these peripherals safe and help prevent water ports from clogging up or entering the environment.

4. Do not let water get inside

Easier said than done. But depending on the water spill, assess the situation and act quickly to absorb as much water as possible. Use paper rolls, towels, cotton, or any similar safe material to absorb water from the MacBook keyboard area. At the same time, make sure that no water or a minimum amount of water gets inside.

Once all of the liquid visible from above has been removed, use cotton swabs to safely absorb the water from the tiny crevices.

5. Disconnect the battery if you have tools.

Source: Apple

You can even disconnect the battery on modern solid MacBooks. But this requires the right tools. Once you unplug the battery, it prevents current from flowing through the wet board, potentially preventing any additional (serious) damage.

Depending on your MacBook model, you need a Phillips or pentagon screwdriver to remove the back cover. Once this is done, carefully use an opener (or fingernail) to disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard. Here’s a tutorial from iFixit .

6. Let the MacBook dry completely within 48 hours.

After completing the above steps, wait for the water to evaporate. It is best to leave your MacBook turned off for at least 48 hours. To speed up the process, you can place it under a fan or use a hair dryer at a safe heat level (make sure not to damage your internal organs with too much constant heat).

After waiting a few days, you can be sure that all the water has now evaporated. If you turn on the laptop, it might work, and everything might appear to be okay. But for the long-term benefit, you must take your MacBook to an Apple Store or an authorized service center and get inspected.

Traces of water will slowly eat away at the motherboard, which can completely damage your machine. So check it out.

8. Do not spill liquid on your MacBook in the future.

MacBooks are not waterproof and you should keep them away from liquids. For example, don’t put a glass of juice next to your MacBook on the same table. If you often have liquid openings, consider spending a few dollars on a rubber cover for your MacBook keyboard. Or use bottles with caps instead of open glass on your desktop.

Back up your Mac regularly with Time Machine. This will ensure that your valuable data is kept safe, even in adverse circumstances, and can be restored to a new Mac or this Mac after fixing it (in almost all cases, the Apple Store will erase the data from your device. Thus, having a backup is valuable). four ways to back up your Mac!

  1. How much does it cost to fix a water damaged MacBook?

The Apple warranty does not cover liquid damage. So, the exact cost of the repair will depend on the damage. After inspecting your device, Apple Service Center will give you a number.

  1. Does Apple Repair Water Damage to MacBooks?

Yes. Apple will charge you for this, but at least your Mac will be refurbished ( if it’s not out of date )

  1. Can I put rice in my MacBook?

According to IT technology on the Internet , there is nothing wrong with using raw rice to dry your MacBook. But this is inefficient and mostly unnecessary.

  1. Can MacBook Recover from Water Damage?

Yes. Mac can recover from water damage if you follow the above steps. And after that, once a trained technician inspects your car and makes the necessary corrections, your MacBook will be as good as it was before the water spill.

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