Spider-Man: Miles Morales Underground Undercover Walkthrough

To help you complete the Spider-Man: Miles Morales Underground Undercover mission, we have prepared this guide to guide you step by step through the entire mission. On this mission, Miles will find out where the Nuform is.

Spider-Man Miles: Morales Underground Undercover

Meet Phin
Your first objective in this mission is to meet Phin in Hell’s Kitchen. From Fisk’s Tower, travel south until you reach the part of Hell’s Kitchen adjacent to Central Park.

Once you are there, go through the roof door to trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene, start following Phin. It will take you inside the Tower of Fisk.

Gather information on the Nuform
Once you are inside the building, follow Phin and then interact with the sword on the table.

Phin will then leave you alone. When it does, you will have the opportunity to gather information on the Nuform.

Enter the large room to the left of the sword and interact with all the tables with the different weapons and armor.

The most important table to interact with is the one with the huge stacks of cash on it.

The girl next to the table will give you a clue as to where you can find more valuable items.

After finding all the clues in this room, exit the room and go to the outside balcony. A cutscene will play here, after which you will return to your suit.

Find the Nuform Crawl
through the vent in this room until you reach the training yard. There will be several enemies in this location.

Start by taking out the sniper just below you. Then, explore the area and mark all the enemies.

This includes the people in the shooting range, the people fighting with the dummies and all the snipers scattered around here.

Climb as high as you can and take out the best sniper.

The best way to do this is to take out individual enemies as you make your way down.

Keep in mind that snipers don’t stay still, so you’ll need to remember where they are moving from.

When you finally reach the last group of enemies that are above the training dummies, lower the scaffold to distract them.

This will separate them, allowing you to delete them one by one.

After clearing this area, you will be ambushed by other enemies, even if you have not been noticed.

They will start coming from everywhere, even from the balconies above, so make sure you are alert.

Once you’ve taken care of all these enemies, your goal now is to locate the entry point to a hidden chamber. Ganke will give you a clue that Fisk likes to hide things behind his art.

The art you are looking for is a large statue of a samurai with a sword in his hand.

It is near the sealed main entrance. Throw the sword using your webs and the statue will move forward, revealing a secret elevator beneath it.

This elevator will take you to a secret area below.

Go through the opening above the gate and follow the three dungeons towards the vault. When you reach the vault, a cutscene will trigger.

During this cutscene, you will gather some very interesting information about the Nuform, but unfortunately you will be spotted before you can leave the area.

Exit the Tower
You will be ambushed by multiple enemies. Among them, there will be a sword keeper, who will use the sword you interacted with earlier in this same mission.

These enemies cannot be manipulated in the air due to their extended blades.

They are also very evasive which means they will often dodge your attacks. Your spinning kicks, Venom Punches, and Venom Jumps can also be dodged by them.

Another annoying ability they have is that they can turn their sword into a whip, which they will use to pull you out of the air. This whip will also increase their attack range.

To counter these enemies, you will unlock a new move called Venom Dash.

When you execute the attack, you will hit them directly and throw them against the wall. This will be your favorite attack whenever you fight with sword holders.

You can also use some of your gadgets when fighting these enemies.

Your webbing, gravity wells, and holographic drones work very well against them.

After defeating all the enemies in the vault area, check out the rooms here to get more information on what the subway has collected.

Then, interact with the marked console to open the gate and then whiz through the crevice in the wall on the other side.

You can then go through the panel on the wall to exit the area and complete the mission.


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