Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE)

The CEOE is a pressure group that represents the Spanish business and encompasses public and private companies in all sectors.

Founded in 1977, its main promoter was the economist, businessman, politician and sportsman Carlos Ferrer Salat. The CEOE can incorporate any other business organization of national or provincial scope.

CEOE structure

The organization is made up of:

  • Full members: Who can participate and vote in meetings.
  • Associate members: Those who can contribute to the debates but will not have the right to vote.

These members are represented by different governing bodies. Which guarantee the correct functioning of the organization.

The confederation has four governing bodies:

  • General Assembly.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Executive committee.

These are the decision makers of the confederation

In addition, these organs are composed of five charges:

  • Vice Presidents
  • Members of the Executive Committee.
  • Board members.
  • General secretary.

The people who hold these positions will be responsible for representing the organization and executing the decisions of the Plenary.

Objectives of the CEOE

The main objective of the organization is the defense of Spanish businessmen against society, against trade union activity . As a pressure group, it conducts its efforts in promoting free market policies and business competitiveness , signing agreements with the government and trade union organizations.

It also aims to enhance research and technological development is Spain. In order to improve efficiency and advance practices that protect the environment.

CEOE financing

According to its statutes, the ordinary income of the confederation are the contributions of its full members and associates. In addition, you can receive extraordinary voluntary income from the same members and from third parties. Finally, under the law, you can own your own assets and earn interest on the rent.

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