Space Justice Guide: 40 Tips for Beginners

The most unobvious things you might not have noticed in the game

We bring to your attention a collection of tips for space action arcade game Space Justice , thanks to which you will learn about a few simple and many less obvious moments of the game.

  1. The first thing you should do when entering the game: go to the “Quests” tab and collect the daily reward.
  2. When entering the game, be sure to click on one of the generatorson the sides of the core. This will allow you to collect the developed techno glasses and move them to the laboratory.
  3. Be sure to enter the game from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00 local time, go to the “Task” tab and pick up 50 verdium units.
  4. You will not pay verdiumif you help other players complete the story missions you have already completed, or destroy enemy bases.
  5. You will pay verdiumif you decide to help another player complete a task that is already available to you, but has not yet been completed.
  6. Yellow boxeswill appear on the surface of the space base . Click on them to pick up various rewards.
  7. The assortment ofgoods in the store of feats and likes is updated once a day . You can update it yourself using insignia and likes respectively.
  8. Sell ​​unnecessary platformsto protect your base generator. A regular platform costs five crystals.
  9. Offer friendship to any players you have helped or who have helped you during the passage of story missions or a raid on an enemy base.
  10. Do not forget to send gifts to your friends and pick up the likes they sent you.
  11. Don’t forget to clean your friends list. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see your previously sent friendship invitations. Since the player did not answer you then, he is unlikely to do it later. Please cancel the request as the number of friends is limited.
  12. You can receive no more than 20 likes from friends per day.
  13. Try to collect elite drone cards as soon as possible to unlock the second drone. You can use two drones in the game at once.
  14. Please note that your ship will be destroyed in a direct collision with any object (not a projectile).
  15. You cannot destroy objects highlighted in red with the ship’s guns. For example, comets flying from top to bottom. However, you can activate the abilities of your drones – they can easily destroy such objects.
  16. You are instantly killed if you fall under the electric discharges of stationary weapons (four beams rotating around a stationary weapon). Many of these weapons will be red, so if you can’t use the drone ability or Overdrive, just go around them.
  17. Drones’ abilities replenish over time, so you can use them on average twice per battle (at the beginning and after a while at the end). When you start a new mission, the drone abilities are immediately available to you (you won’t have to wait for the cooldown to complete).
  18. Overdrive can only be used once per battle. At the same time, you can buy a premium subscription, which will allow you to respawn once a day and use two Overdrive in any battle.
  19. Crystals are best debugged for the evolution of ships and drones.
  20. If you have run out of verdium, but you still want to continue the game, then wait for the invitations to appear on the main screen of the base. Help other gamers, earn likes and buy different items from the store.
  21. First, redeem all the resources and currency in the store for likes, and only after that purchase parts of the ships.
  22. After destroying a turret on an enemy base, all shells it fired disappear. Use this. On the other hand, projectiles fired by opponents in story missions do not disappear after they are destroyed.
  23. If you destroy only one enemy generator, but die, you will still be given a reward.
  24. We recommend completing earlier levels on all difficulty modes, since the cost of launching in vertium is much lower.
  25. When during the plot tasks a “question mark ball” falls out, be sure to pick it up. If you complete the level successfully, you will receive a random additional reward (this ball will be opened).
  26. In addition to the “ball”, you can pick up “Overdrive”, “green cross” (increases health points), “shield” (barrier, disappears after several hits) or “yellow arrows” (accelerator). If you have caught “Overdrive”, then you can use two amplifiers for the current battle – caught and one of the reserves.
  27. The accelerator increases the rate of fire of your fighter, but also increases the speed of the game (both you and your opponents move faster).
  28. For any story missions on heroic difficulty (not previously completed by you), you will receive crystals.
  29. To level up the core, you must earn stars. One star is given for completing any level. Each level has three difficulties, so you can get a maximum of three stars.
  30. New ships will be unlocked when each individual boss is destroyed (on easy difficulty). It is about every tenth level. Before you fight the boss, you will have to increase the level of the core.
  31. The core level leads to an increase in the tech points generated by the generator. The storage capacity of the generators and laboratory is also being increased. In addition, access to the next ten story missions depends on the core level.
  32. The content of the story levels is always the same. That is, in 31 missions on both easy and normal and heroic difficulties, you will see the same opponents. On the other hand, they will have more armor, and the projectiles will do more damage.
  33. Any storyline or attack on an enemy base is best done in co-op with another player. You still get the full reward! Having a second player will increase the chances of success, but there are some nuances that are described below.
  34. In the “Attack” mode, all the projectiles you can see fly towards you. The second player sees completely different projectiles. The situation is similar with credits and tech points that drop from destroyed opponents in story missions. As such, you shouldn’t rely on the homing turret targeting your ally.
  35. In story missions, all homing shells will fly in your direction. For example, comets with variable trajectory. Most comets have a predetermined trajectory, but in some cases moving rays will appear. When the beam is aimed at you, a comet will fly after a couple of seconds. So each player sees a different comet.
  36. On the other hand, you will have the same enemies (targets).
  37. Help (other ships) can only be summoned in normal story missions. If you go through a mission associated with a certain fighter, you will not be able to call for help, since you simply do not have the same ship. The situation is similar with attacks on enemy bases. The game simply won’t let you summon new ships.
  38. You can revive by spending crystals. Premium subscription gives one free revival per day, and also reduces the cost of all subsequent revivals by 20%.
  39. The skills you unlock in the lab apply to all fighters. To be more precise, skills increase account stats, and the latter is relevant for all ships.
  40. If you want to open the supercontainer without consuming crystals, you will have to watch the video in the “Containers” building every eight hours and collect the keys. Once you have twenty keys, you can open the supercontainer.
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