What to sow in autumn – winter in the garden at home

A few weeks ago a client, Juan de Castellón, asked us what he could sow at home. He asked us in particular what we would recommend to sow in autumn in his new home garden.

He had set up a beautiful urban garden on his terrace and sent us some photos, thanks Juan!

He, like many of our readers, wanted to start his journey in the home garden world and asked us for advice.

Although autumn is not the best season to start and enjoy working the garden at home, any time is perfect to sow your first vegetables and start enjoying the garden and orchard at home.

What to sow in autumn – winter in our home garden

As we have said, the season and autumn and winter is a season suitable for some crops but not for everyone. We are going to review which crops we can sow in the fall and winter season.

Grow beans in winter and fall

Beans are legumes just like peas and beans.

They are grown many times as green manure to improve the soil structure in the orchards in the field .

It is a plant that does not like heat at all, it is the ideal crop to carry out after the very demanding summer crops in nutrients to help improve the soil after the cultivation of vegetables that require many nutrients.

Crop Requirements Pests Diseases
They are demanding in water The most common is the black bean aphid Being a rustic crop, diseases usually do not appear unless it is grown with an excess of moisture that causes the appearance of fungi.

Grow spinach in your garden at home

Spinach is a very fast crop and a food that is much appreciated from the nutritional point of view. We can think of hundreds of salads with spinach !!

Spinach is not a suitable crop for winter but for autumn although not in all places and climates.

It is grown in warm weather places in autumn and in mild weather places in spring.

Being a not too large plant, it adapts perfectly to container cultivation.

Crop Requirements Pests Diseases
It is very demanding in nutrients and water (irrigation has to be constant) The most fearsome is that of aphids and in times of rain the snails and slugs . The mildew of the spinach is the one that appears most in spinach crops, to avoid its appearance you have to flee from the flooded soils and the excessive watering.

Grow peas in autumn and winter

The pea is a legume that is grown in warm weather in autumn and in mild weather in spring.

Like the rest of the legumes, it improves the soil structure, which is why, next to the beans, it is a very appropriate vegetable to grow after summer to recover the nutrients from the soil that summer vegetables have used.

From a nutritional point of view it is a very important food that provides antioxidants and vitamins.

Grow Chard at home

Chard is a very rustic crop that can be done year-round , but mainly in autumn and spring.

Crop Requirements Plagues and diseases
It is moderately demanding in nutrients and water (risks that keep the substrate fresh) Being a rustic crop does not usually present many problems with pests and diseases.


The chard has a good size so they require containers with a volume of 25 liters, the advantage of their cultivation for the garden at home is that although one or two specimens occupy space they are sufficient for the habitual consumption of a family.

And you, what crops would you advise our friend Juan? Leave your recommendations in the comments section.


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