Southeast Culture In Brazil

In the Southeast Region of Brazil, formed by the states of São Paulo , Minas Gerais , Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo , there is a cultural diversity richly influenced by indigenous, African, European and Asian cultures.

According to data from 1998, from the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the Southeast Region of Brazil has the largest number of people, totaling a population of 70,190,565 inhabitants.

Festivals, gastronomy and typical dances, among others, represent customs and cultural manifestations of the southeast region.

Southeast Festivals

Check out the main parties in Southeast Brazil below.

Southeast Region Carnival

Parade of samba schools

The most popular party in Brazil is celebrated in all states in the southeastern region, where there are parades of samba schools.

Although the parade in São Paulo has gained greater proportions in recent years, the parade in Rio de Janeiro remains the best known in Brazil and in the world.

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June festivities in the Southeast Region

Presentation of quadrilha in Festa junina

The festivals of popular saints (Santo Antônio, São João and São Pedro), also known as country parties, are Brazilian popular festivals especially celebrated in the Northeast and Southeast regions.

These parties are celebrated with the dance of the quadrilha, and with traditional foods and drinks of the time (such as, for example, canjica, popcorn, cornmeal cake, sweet rice and quentão).

In addition to the campfire, many June games are present at these parties, which are decorated with flags and colored paper balloons. They are: chain, elegant mail, fishing, among others.

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Other celebrations celebrated

Ticumbi, feast of the state of Espírito Santo

Check below a list with some more typical festivals celebrated in the Southeast Region.

  • Feast of the Lord Bom Jesus de Pirapora
  • Bumba my boi party
  • Caiapó Party
  • Feast of Cavalhadas
  • Congado Festival
  • Feast of the Divine
  • Iemanja Festival
  • Cowboy Pawn Party
  • Reis or Reisado revelry
  • Ox Kings Festival
  • New Year’s Eve Party
  • Rosary Festival
  • Ticumbi Party

Dances of the Southeast Region

Check out some of the dances present in the culture of the Southeast Region.

Hit arrows

Hit arrows

It is a dance of a religious nature, in praise of São Sebastião, typically from Espírito Santo. In this dance, the dancers (men and women) use two arrows each to set a rhythm together with the tapping of their feet.

Stick miner

Stick miner

It is a dance typical of Minas Gerais that only counts on the participation of men, who use wooden sticks to mark the rhythm of the choreography.


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