Solutions to all the most common Facebook Shop problems – Facebook Shop

The Facebook store or Facebook Shop, as it is also known. You can have an account and create your virtual store . It is a valuable tool for creating a business profile. It is ideal for adding new products and making them known by improving the level of visualization of your business. As well as increasing sales. However, you may have some difficulties when using this platform. That’s why solutions to all the most common Facebook Shop problems will be presented .

Solutions to All the Most Common Facebook Shop Problems – Facebook Shop

Solutions to all the most common Facebook Shop problems

Facebook Business has online help support, which is designed to provide solutions to problems in the Facebook store. According to the experience of users and Facebook records, the most common problems will be presented.

Problems with the product catalog

The three main problems related to the product catalog are the following:

  • Products: Product information may not be complete. Or it can be rejected for not complying with the policies regarding commerce or advertising. This problem can be present in one or more articles.
  • Data sources: It has to do with the source data that connects to the catalog. That is, the inventory information from the catalog manager. The error may be due to lack of access to the scheduled list on the web hosting the inventory file.
  • Event data sources: This option is responsible for measuring user interaction with the articles on your website. So one of the problems could be related to the pixel or SDK that is connected to the catalog to circulate dynamic ads.


Once you have detected the problem, you can choose the “check” option. Usually a pop-up window will appear with additional information. For example, if the problem is related to the products, you will see a detailed list of the articles. To fix it, you must download and open the full report; so you can see the help available to solve the problem.

In case you can’t fix it yourself, you can also send the report to your developer to fix it, knowing specifically the problem. You will see an option called ” how to fix it .” You just have to follow the steps indicated to solve the problem. Sometimes when you choose the “review” option, it will send you to another catalog manager tab. There you can choose the right solution for each type of problem.

Problems with the catalog data list

The data list contains the information about the inventory of the catalog that you upload in the different channels . The main problems are:

  • Prices are missing or incorrect
  • Links to images are missing or invalid
  • Spelling errors and other missing or incorrect information

Solutions to all the most common Facebook Shop problems (Catalog list)

In the case of pricing errors, it is essential for your customers to have the correct and updated prices. To do this, you must include the prices in the price column of the list. Remember to always use the correct format. For example, you must use the ISO currency codes to express the price. You should not replace them with symbols.

The prices must be the same as those of your website and must not include shipping costs or commissions.


The solution for missing images when they are missing or invalid, is to add the correct links. To do this, you must access the image_link column. Check that each link starts with http: // or https: // . Check each link to make sure it works, for this you must paste them in a new browser tab. You must also adhere to the allowed image size to avoid future problems.

To fix spelling or information errors, you can use grammar and spelling checkers. You must comply with the allowed character limits. For ecommerce catalogs, you must add the availability and condition columns. You must specify the products that are available, out of stock and discontinued to avoid problems in your Facebook store.

For e-commerce catalogs a universal identifier per product must also be included. They are necessary to verify that the product is authentic and must be assigned by the manufacturer. It can be the international trade identification, manufacturer part number or brand name. It also has another way to earn money from commissions with this tool without complications.


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