Solution: “Philips server not found” on Smart TV

Philips is undoubtedly one of the most important brands in the world. In fact, they own their own Philips Hue Bridge smart bulbs and a whole range of products, including their smart TVs. Here are some solutions to the “Philips Server Not Found” error on Smart TV .


  1. The internet signal is not strong
  2. Empty your device’s Internet cache
  3. The date on TV is wrong
  4. Turn off and learn TV again

The internet signal is not strong

Keep in mind that smart TVs, which also include Philips branded TVs, require good signal strength . In fact, it is recommended that the sender of the wireless signal, that is the router, is nearby and, if possible, within the same room.

An inefficient signal may prevent your computer from connecting to the Internet properly and thus the connection to the Philips server may fail . Therefore, the first thing to do is to check that the TV signal strength is adequate. Fortunately, the same TV can show us the strength of the wireless signal.

  • To do this, press the ” Start” button on your device’s remote control.
  • Now you will need to go to the settings section, to do that simply locate ” Settings” and go to that option.
  • Among all the options presented by Philips SMART TV, go to ” Network Settings“.
  • Finally, you will find the option to view the conditions of the wireless network. Depending on the model you have, you can find it as ” View wireless settings“.
  • This section should show information regarding the strength of the wireless Internet signal. This information will be displayed as a percentage, where the higher the percentage of the signal, the better it will be. Intensities above 65%are certainly recommended .

Empty your device’s Internet cache

As with many mobile devices, clearing the cache can help resolve connection errors. This can be done through the settings of your Philips SMART TV.

  • To do this, press the start button on your remote. Now go to the ” Settings” section of the device.
  • This time you should go to the ” Network Settings” menu .
  • To proceed with clearing the TV cache, you will need to click on the ” Clear application memory” option , which can sometimes also be displayed as ” Clear internet cache “.


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In fact, the above solution can help fix the Smart TV if it turns on but gets stuck. For this reason it is one of those solutions that are really recommended in any case.

The date on TV is wrong

As with computers, when the Philips TV date is wrong, the device will simply not be able to connect to the internet and thus the connection to the Philips server will fail. The solution to this is a simple change of date and time .

Again, we can go to certain settings that will allow us to make these changes in a timely manner. To change the time and date of your Philips SMART TV, please read the following.

  • Again we will use the remote control for configuration. To do this, press the start buttonon the remote control .
  • Now we will go back to the system settings, just go to ” Settings“.
  • On this occasion, when we will perform a configuration for the date and time, it will be necessary to go to ” TV Settings“.
  • Finally, locate the ” Preferences” tab , where we can finally make the changes.
  • Now, click on ” Clock” and manually set the date and time. Keep in mind that it can be an approximate date and time, that is, if there is a delay of a few minutes there will be no problems and you should be able to connect to the internet.

Turn off and learn TV again

As with many devices, such as cell phones, sometimes the simple act of turning off the device can help . If you want to try it out, turn off the TV and unplug it from the power source.

It is best to wait a few minutes for the TV to restart. After that, simply restart the TV and wait for it to connect to the network. This simple solution usually fixes the ” Philips Server not found ” error in many cases.

Once this annoying error is fixed, you can download and install the Spotify APK on your Smart TV. Likewise, by installing and watching DAZN on your Philips Smart TV, in fact, there are no limits after solving the problem.


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